Distribution v22

Sicon Distribution is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules. Designed to manage the requirements of distribution organisation’s to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase telesales productivity and incorporate sales forecasting within future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix an issue when using the ‘Copy and Paste’ feature after pasting the new order lines when the user would the try and manually add a new line these would not appear on the sales order

Date applied: May 16, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix when splitting purchase order lines on a container and the value in the purchase order notifications would be incorrect
  • Fix when receiving containers where there are preallocations and the item received is a batch item and the preallocation is for less than the received batched quantity [“Serial selection failed on item ‘X’, identification no ‘Y’ bin ‘Z’ of ‘A’ supplied ‘B’ were unavailable”]
  • Fix when receiving containers through Sage that have preallocations to display the preallocation form to complete the preallocations
  • Fix to not turn on the ‘Allow Sales Order’ flag when amending a stock item

Date applied: May 9, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • fix(landed-costs): fix when apportioning landed costs without a provisional landed cost and it would apportion nothing

Date applied: February 10, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • fix(pop-landed-costs): fix when setting an actual value for a purchase order landed cost [“Attempted to divide by zero”]
  • fix(stock-reserves): fix when selecting an item for a stock reserve and is only one stock item code with the entered text however this txt appears in other columns on the lookup and it would appear as if it would not select this item
  • fix(stock-reserves): added an active lock to the reserve screen when a user is amending a reserve
  • fix(container-tracking): fix when amending container tracking dates and the actual dates following would not update too

Date applied: February 2, 2023


Hot Fix Enhancements
Change in Functionality
  • feat(container-manager): added a new setting into to container manager to allow the user to turn off automatically completing containers allowing them to then edit fields on the container until they are happy to complete the container. This can be done through the desktop list or the container itself if it has a status of ‘Received’

Date applied: January 6, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • fix(container-manager): fix to correctly work out the total price of the line when different unit of measure are used between the buying and pricing units
  • fix(container-tracking): fix for not correctly setting the actual delivery date on container tracking
  • fix(sop-distribution-settings): fix stock item maintenance error ‘Phantom items cannot be included in sales orders and invoices.’ if amending a Phantom BOM type item

Date applied: December 9, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix when forecasting for multiple lines [“Index out of range”]
  • Fix to update the ‘Allow sales orders and invoicing’ flag on a stock item if the item has free stock available or the item is no longer discontinued
  • Only store customer batch attributes that have a value
  • Fix to not allow preallocations to be created when viewing sales orders
  • Fix to set the view property on the preallocation form when viewing sales or purchase orders
  • Fix to allow associated stock items to be deleted from the matrix group if they can and delete the matrix group. Display a message to show the user what items cannot be deleted if there are any
  • Fix when disabling any of the tracking profile lines to correctly recalculate the actual dates for the rest of the lines
  • Fix to make sure the ‘DocumentCreatedBy’ value is set when adding lines through the ‘Copy and Paste’ function

Date applied: November 23, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to correctly order the grid by date and fix when deleting a lost order from the screen [“Invalid column name: ‘DateString’]

Date applied: October 21, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to only display the ‘Undespatched Sales Orders’ screen when a sales order is new
  • Only remove controls from the unit buying price when a container is completed
  • Fix to exclude barcoding “Picked” bins when receiving containers
  • Fix to correctly use the authorise check box on the lost order enquiry screen

Date applied: October 17, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to display a better message when the user has sales or purchase contracts to select and there is only one to choose from
  • Fixed the loading speed of the ‘Add Historical’ screen
  • Fix for sorting columns on the ‘Add Historical Lines’ screen on SOP and also fixed the jittery scrolling
  • Fix when viewing container manager summary on a purchase order and sorting the columns would bring through every line linked to a container

Date applied: September 23, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix when amending a container to only remove the controls on the screen when the container is complete

Date applied: September 15, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for the ‘Stock Replenishment’ screen when attempting to adjust the transfer quantities [“Index was out of range”]
  • Added better validation when selecting a sales or purchase contract to use on a sales order line and the user would select a larger quantity than what is remaining on the contract line and this would send the contract line into a minus
  • Correctly not close the contract selection form is there is a validation error
  • Fix when loading the contract select screen [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix to correctly update the quantity when adding traceable lines from a sales order template and the user updates the quantity that the lines should be multiplied by
  • Fix for stock replenishment when drilling down to change quantities and after the first drilldown it wouldn’t display anything
  • Corrected displaying lines that can’t be replenished in red (Occurred when available quantity is 0)
  • Fix when using a contract line on a purchase order and the user was loading which contract line to select [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix when selecting a sales contract and closing the screen but it would still link to a contract
  • Fix when generating sales orders from Sicon Stock Reserves with traceable item but select traceable numbers are selected at despatch [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Added allowable warnings for placing orders on hold if the customer is over their credit limit or insufficient stock
  • Fix for the ‘Unit Price’ column on a sales order when viewing the quantities and it would multiply the unit price with the line quantity and give an incorrect figure

Date applied: May 28, 2022