Distribution v22.1

Sicon Distribution is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules. Designed to manage the requirements of distribution organisation’s to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase telesales productivity and incorporate sales forecasting within future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

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Hot Fix Enhancements
Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the ability to record reasons against any history changes made to Sales or Purchase contracts

Date applied: February 14, 2024


Hot Fix Enhancements
Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the ability to add free text purchase order lines to a container where the ‘Confirmation Method’ is set to ‘Confirm with Goods received’

Date applied: February 7, 2024


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to give feedback when a stock item does not exist in the default warehouse selected on the purchase order
  • Fix to allow the ‘Import Stock Settings’ screen to be opened when ‘POP Management’ is enabled

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the ability to allow the user to include purchase order lines where the landed cost setup is 0 to be apportioned on the Sicon ‘Landed Cost’ tab. New setting added to control this.

Date applied: January 24, 2024


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to filter out stock items that are not set to ‘Allow Sales Orders’ when generating sales forecasts
  • Fix when removing a sales order line that was associated to a stock reserve, to check there is enough stock to reallocate the stock reserve [“Allocation failed, no bins with free stock”]
  • Fix to load the stock item ‘Length, ‘Width’, ‘Height’, ‘Volume’ and ‘Weight’ properties when ‘POP Management’ is enabled so that they can be used for ‘Landed Costs’ apportionment calculations
  • Fix to only allow sales order lines that have not been despatched or partly despatched to be returned to a stock reserve if they originally came from that stock reserve when the line is cancelled/deleted

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • When converting a sales quote to a sales order and a sales contract has been linked to the original quote record the new sales order in the history so that the ‘Despatched’ and ‘Involved’ quantities can be correctly tracked

Date applied: January 10, 2024


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix when editing a reserve line to only refresh that line. Issue where the grid would lose the sorting
  • Fix when viewing the ‘On Order Details’ screen from ‘View Item Balances’ screen to correctly handle multiple delivery dates. Issue when opening this screen and the user would be displayed negative values
  • Fix when using the ‘Add Historical Lines’ feature on a purchase order to sort by descending date otherwise the ‘Last Buying Price’ and ‘Last Transaction Date’ will be incorrect
  • Fix when reducing purchase order lines down to amend the container quantity correctly. Issue where container lines were being incorrectly deleted
  • Fix when editing a stock reserve and changing the allocated amount, when refreshing the grid item this would give a negative value in the ‘Free Stock’ column

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Updated the ‘Previous Sales Order’ screen to initially only show sales orders. Added a checkbox to allow the user to also include quotes

Date applied: December 21, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added the ability to change the sales order line item description from the ‘Maintain Order Lines’ screen

Issues Resolved
  • Fix when viewing ‘Previous Sales Orders’ via the ‘Telesales’ screen to use the selected grid item to load the stock item. Issue where the ‘Previous Sales Order’ screen would load the incorrect stock item as it would be focusing on the last selected item via the ‘Item Code’ column
  • Fix to allow the ‘Weight’ field to be saved as ‘0’ when set via the Container Manager stock settings on the ‘Distribution’ tab on a stock item settings
  • Added validation when attempting to delete a stock item to check if it is linked to stock reserve. If it is linked to a stock reserve the stock item will not be able to be deleted
  • Fix to create the landed cost lines when adding new purchase order lines through the ‘Add Historical Lines’ screen
  • Fix when despatching a sales order with stock matrix items on to get the correct despatch note number otherwise when printing the despatch note the matrix will not print correctly

Date applied: December 7, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added a new form after the ‘Import Landed Costs’ routine has run to allow the user to update current live purchase orders that have not yet been received
  • Added a new column to the ‘Manage SOP Back Orders’ screen to display the ‘Quantity On WO’ if Sicon Manufacturing is installed

Issues Resolved
  • Fix when using the POP copy and paste feature after adding the lines and then the user would cancel out of the order [“Unable to update the object (Sage.Accounting.POP.POPStandardItemLine, X), as the object has been deleted”]
  • Fix when loading container tracking dates and the ‘Actual’ date would get overwritten and appear to not load
  • Added a check when loading a stock item on the ‘Landed Costs’ tab to check the ‘Use Sicon Landed Costs’ setting before adding the Sicon Landed Costs grid
  • Fix Amend Stock Allocations ‘Object reference is not set …’ error if the Amend Batch/Serial button is pressed when no stock is allocated
  • Fix to correctly update the Sicon Stock Reserve Line ‘Free Stock’ value when ‘Unallocating’ or ‘Allocating’ a reserve line

Date applied: November 18, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added the ‘Copy and Paste’ feature to purchase orders
  • Added the first 20 container manager analysis codes to the container manager desktop list

Issues Resolved
  • Fix when receiving a container to allow the user to change the warehouse that the container line was being received into

Date applied: September 26, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for the supplier telephone number not being displayed on the ‘POP Expected Deliveries’ screen

Date applied: September 19, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to check price band active dates for ‘Limited’ time bands
  • Fix when selecting a warehouse group on the stock shortage screen [“An item with the same key has already been added”]
  • Fix when using a reserve to allocate a sales order line. To post the sales order if it is new and auto number is turned on, otherwise the allocation links would be to a document number ‘TBA’

Date applied: September 12, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to allow the user to manually set the quantity to allocate to 0 and also added a new column to view the ‘Free Stock’ of an item on the reserve screen
  • Fix when updating multiple requested delivery dates and occasionally some would not updated if there was a large amount changed. Now run this on a background thread through each line and check if this has been updated
  • Fix when creating stock transfers from ‘Stock Replenishment’ and they would be created with a despatch and required date of ’01/01/0001′. We pass through the specified dates from the screen or any edited dates when a replenishment group has been selected
  • Fix when saving lines without a requested delivery date and we attempt to add one and then it would appear to close the form [“Object Reference Error”]

Date applied: August 22, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added the stock item supplier code to the ‘POP Expected Deliveries’ screen

Issues Resolved
  • Removed incorrect warning when selecting a stock item on a purchase order line with no landed costs

Date applied: July 27, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added the ability to import the stock item setting “Inspection Required”

Issues Resolved
  • Fix for handling the deleted flag on sales and purchase contracts… Issue where deleted contracts would still appear even though they are marked as ‘Deleted’
  • Fix an issue when using the ‘Copy and Paste’ feature after pasting the new order lines when the user would the try and manually add a new line these would not appear on the sales order
  • Fix when receiving containers through Sage that have preallocations to display the preallocation form to complete the preallocations

Date applied: July 5, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • SOP Entry/Amend now prompts to create POs for any ‘Direct to Customer’ sales order lines (in addition to pre-allocations) + Fix Select Purchase Order Lines To Delete ‘Object reference is not set’ error if select/deselect all buttons are pressed + Fix duplicate entries in Create Purchase Orders screen/list after the Create PO for selected items button is pressed & not all item lines have been selected

Date applied: June 20, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added the ability to complete sales and purchase contracts


Issues Resolved
  • Fix to not allow sales and purchase contracts to be completed if not all the lines have been invoiced. Also fix for the contract history duplicating upon completion. No longer reduce the contract amount when it gets completed
  • Fix to set the default value of a sales or purchase contract to ‘Live’. Added a complete button on both desktop lists so that it can be completed from there
  • Fix when double clicking the desktops lists to open the ‘Amend’ contract screen

Date applied: May 9, 2023


New Features Hot Fix Enhancements
New Features

SOP Un-despatched Orders added the ‘Customer Order No’ column to the ‘Undespatched Orders’ popup, US4734.

Hot Fix Enhancements

Container Manager fix when splitting purchase order lines on a container and the value in the purchase order notifications would be incorrect, US3599.
Receive Containers fix when receiving containers where there are pre-allocations and the item received is a batch item and the pre-allocation is for less than the received batched quantity [“Serial selection failed on item ‘X’, identification no ‘Y’ bin ‘Z’ of ‘A’ supplied ‘B’ were unavailable”], US4692.
Receive Containers fix when receiving containers through Sage that have pre-allocations to display the pre-allocation form to complete the pre-allocations, US4692.
Stock Setting fix to not turn on the ‘Allow Sales Order’ flag when amending a stock item, US4756.
Supplier KIPs fix when amending stock supplier details via the supplier kpi’s screena dn the supplier doesn’t exist on the stock item [“Unable to cast object of type ‘Sage.Accounting.PurhcaseLedger.Supplier’ to type ‘Sage.Accounting.Stock.StockItemSupplier”], US4429.

Date applied: May 3, 2023


New Features Hot Fix Enhancements
New Features

Container Manager added ‘Supplier Stock Code’ to the ‘Received Containers’ screen, US3276.

Hot Fix Enhancements

Module license will now expire the day after the enable string expiry date, not on that date.

Date applied: March 31, 2023


Hot Fix Enhancements
Hot Fix Enhancements

Changed the way distribution stock matrix checks for the next despatch note number.
Purchase Contracts fix to correctly update purchase contract quantities when the purchase order line quantity changes, US3989.
Purchase Contracts fix when amending a purchase contracts quantity to validate this against existing purhcase order lines on the system so that the contract quantity doesn’t go into minus figures, US3989.

Date applied: March 15, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • fix(landed-costs): [US3758] fix when apportioning landed costs without a provisional landed cost and it would apportion nothing

Date applied: February 10, 2023


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • fix(pop-landed-costs): fix when setting an actual value for a purchase order landed cost [“Attempted to divide by zero”]
  • fix(stock-reserves): fix when selecting an item for a stock reserve and is only one stock item code with the entered text however this txt appears in other columns on the lookup and it would appear as if it would not select this item
  • fix(stock-reserves): added an active lock to the reserve screen when a user is amending a reserve
  • fix(container-tracking): fix when amending container tracking dates and the actual dates following would not update too

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • feat(stock-matrix-cross-cut): added a new response to listen to the new cross cut message service when notified from distribution cross cut service it will update the stock matrix tables with the correct information

Date applied: February 2, 2023


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • fix(stock-matrix): fix to give the user the option to not delete the matrix group if not all the associated stock items can be deleted
  • fix(stock-matrix): [US3462] fix when adding items through the matrix to a SOP proforma [“Object Reference Error”]

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • feat(container-manager): added a new setting into to container manager to allow the user to turn off automatically completing containers allowing them to then edit fields on the container until they are happy to complete the container. This can be done through the desktop list or the container itself if it has a status of ‘Received’

Date applied: January 6, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • fix(container-manager): fix to correctly work out the total price of the line when different unit of measure are used between the buying and pricing units
  • fix(container-tracking): fix for not correctly setting the actual delivery date on container tracking
  • fix(sop-distribution-settings): fix stock item maintenance error ‘Phantom items cannot be included in sales orders and invoices.’ if amending a Phantom BOM type item

Date applied: December 9, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix(discontinued-items): To update the ‘Allow sales orders and invoicing’ flag on a stock item if the item has free stock available or the item is no longer discontinued
  • Fix(customer-batch-attributes): Only store customer batch attributes that have a value
  • Fix(preallocations): To not allow preallocations to be created when viewing sales orders
  • Fix(stock-replenishment): To correct the transfer quantities when using “Stock Replenishment” [“The quantity entered is greater than the stock at the location”]
  • Fix(preallocations): To set the view property on the preallocation form when viewing sales or purchase orders
  • Fix(stock-matrix): To allow associated stock items to be deleted from the matrix group if they can and delete the matrix group. Display a message to show the user what items cannot be deleted if there are any
  • Fix(containers): Fix when disabling any of the tracking profile lines to correctly recalculate the actual dates for the rest of the lines
  • Fix(copy-and-paste):To make sure the ‘DocumentCreatedBy’ value is set when adding lines through the ‘Copy and Paste’ function

Date applied: November 23, 2022


Important Info

v22.1 Release

Date applied: November 11, 2022