Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed users being able to change or remove invoice an credit items while there being updated
  • Document teleletry will now be uploaded for data prior to 1st feb 2022 (one off)
  • Document usage will now be checked based on our web api
  • Added error handling Sage.ObjectStore.ObjectNotFoundException in AmendSuggestedPaymentsform to avoid blue screen when the object is not found.
  • Removed DevExpress assembly requirements from addon package
  • Resolved an error when printing customer statements where it was not compatible with Sage 2022 R2
  • Created an index on the SOPIvnoiceCredit (SI_IX_SOPInvoiceCredit_SecondReference) table to improve the performance of the Sales Ledger Transaction Enquiry screen (resolves timeouts)
  • Resolved an issue when seding documents through document distribution where an error would be displayed if both send immediately and include signature was enabled
  • Added a background setting to specify the Sicon Web Api URL
  • Added additional validation to item line extraction to check the net sum of the lines matches the net sum of the invoice
  • Resolved an issue where the customer statement reports would not run through document distribution
  • Resolved an issue on the customer statements form where it was always generating html email statements whether it was ticked or not
  • Added handling for an object reference not set error on the generate payments form
  • Added handling on the enter new supplier account form for object reference errors when document automation is enabled
  • Resolved an issue where the item total net value was being checked even when item line extraction was not enabled
  • Resolved an issue in document automation where PO invoices could fail to post if there was a rounding difference in the Vat amount
  • Changed document automation to trim whitespace from the line field extraction when the field is loaded
  • Changed the Upgrade DBScript to use a different ID for the upgrade version setting in common
  • Updated the objectstore view extensions for compatibility with Sage 200c 2018 Summer Enhancements
  • Fixed issue with validating discounted item value when using percentages in Process Invoices
  • Resolved an issue on the print credit notes form in the invoicing module where an object reference not set error would be displayed when emailing

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the ability to auto train a table based on the first row
  • Added the ability to clear a full row of data in the lines grid
  • Added a SQL statement to insert the last upgrade date and time into a common table

Date applied: June 10, 2022