Issues Resolved New Features Hot Fix Enhancements
New Features
  • Added the ability to view SOP and POP Transactions against the nominal transaction in nominal transaction enquiry
  • Added settings to specify the email address and name that distribution documents are emailed from in Web Api
  • Added Analysis Code 1-10 to the Sales Order Despatch Note Distribution mail template
  • Added a setting to determine whether only numeric characters are used when validating PO numbers in document automation

Issues Resolved
  • Resolved an issue when adding projects to invoices through document automation where the nominal analysis was not read only so it was being removed when a new project line was added
  • Resolved an issue in PL transaction enquiry where no additional documents were found against the PO for Invoices and Credits
  • Changed document automation to use the customer reference for the second ref for PO Invoices if specified (instead of the order no)
  • Resolved an issue on the transaction enquiry form where an incorrect reference was being used when checking for documents against the pop order/return for pop invoice/credits
  • Added an extra check into the update DB script to check there were BIT data types to update before trying to update them
  • Resolved an issue in document distribution where the outlook window would be opened regardless of whether it was configured to do so or not
  • Resolved an issue where the help and user guide menu option was pointing to v20
  • Resolved alignment issues on the settings screen
  • Resolved an issue in document automation where the exchange rates button would not enable on the record po invoice screen
  • Resolved an issue on nominal transaction enquiry where the add and view buttons would not enabled if the cashbook transaction was linked to a band with no reference
  • ¬†Changed the document automation settings tab to lazy load instead of loading when the form opens

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • ¬†Improved invoice matching in document automation when item line extraction is enabled, when enabled, only matched lines will be validated against the order
  • Changed document bundle licencing to support multiple customers and applications within a single bundle

Date applied: November 16, 2021