Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Changed the update DB script to resolve an error when trying to convert boolean values
  • Resolved an issue in the email viewer where it would display an error message if there was an attachment on an email that has no extension
  • Resolved an issue on nominal transaction enquiry where the add and view buttons would not enabled if the cashbook transaction was linked to a band with no reference
  • Resolved an issue with the document count progress bar where it was not clearing the document type from the previous record searched which could result in no document count showing
  • Removed old Indexes from the SiconDMSDocumentAttribute Table
  • Removed old Indexes from the SiconDMSDocument Table
  • Created new Indexes for the SiconDMSDocumentAttribute Table
  • Created new Indexes for the SiconDMSDocument Table
  • Resolved an issue where an error would be displayed when closing the rapid invoice entry screen after adding a document but not saving the invoice
  • Resolved an issue on the index document form where closing the form without using the close button would leave a document in memory which could result in two documents added, or an error when the second document is indexed
  • Resolved an issue in document automation where it could write a message to the log saying invoices have been changed by another user when there is only one millisecond difference
  • Changed processing invoices in automatic mode to process them inside a transaction
  • Resolved an issue in document distribution where accounts with a negative balance would not be included
  • Fixed an issue with manual processing with invoices where transactions would not be posted in manual mode if the grid had not been validated
  • Changed the outlook integration to connect to the running outlook process if available
  • Resolved an issue with the PDF training where tooltips would stop the croshair moving

Date applied: December 16, 2021