Issues Resolved New Features Pre-release Hot Fix Enhancements Important

Pre-Release Version: features are only available to customers using a pre-release version who have signed up to the Early Adopter Programme.

Important Info
  • Renamed Sicon Document Management to Sicon Documents

New Features
  • Added the ability to perform a search for all document types on global attributes on the Document Search Screen
  • Changed all Non Global System Attributes to not be read only so they can be changed on re-indexing
  • Added client side filters to the multiple document viewer screen
  • Added the ability to sort data on the multiple documents screen
  • Added the ability to export the underlying data of the metrics tab to Excel
  • Added Integration with Construction Purchase Orders (Sage 2015 on wards only)
  • Added support for Viewing CSV files in the text viewer
  • All DMS Tip will now be shown in the new Sicon banners (discoverability panels) (Sage 2015 and above)
  • DMS Enable String expiry will now be shown in Sicon banners (Sage 2015 and above)
  • Added new menu item to access user settings
  • Added Support for viewing Doc, Docx, htm, html, odt, xml and epub files for Sage 2015 and above
  • Added Support for viewing Xls, Xlxs, Xlsm, Xltx, Xltm Xlt and CSV files for Sage 2015 and above
  • Added support for Querying Wia Source Capabilities
  • Added the ability to preview email messages and attachments (Sage 2016 and above)
  • Added the ability to view purchase invoices and credits relating to an order by clicking view documents on the order header
  • Added integration with Sicon Hire Orders and Hire Order Lines

Issues Resolved
  • Added additional handling when enable strings are checked to show a warning if there is a blank enable string file
  • Scripted the PL Transaction enquiry screen to remove the Sage attachments button
  • Scripted the Purchase Invoice and Credit note forms to remove the Sage Save and Attach button
  • All Help links changed to DMS landing page in the help and user guide
  • Added additional handing for Sage security Exceptions when viewing documents
  • Added handling for not enough space on the disk errors
  • Fixed an issue on nominal ledger transaction enquiry where an error would appear when trying to add a document to a payment or receipt with a source of Cash Book
  • Changed the delete migrated documents routine to show a warning if the user does not have the view all documents permissions
  • Fixed an issue on nominal transaction enquiry for Sage 2011 where an object reference not set error could occur after selecting a nominal account
  • Fixed an issue on nominal transaction enquiry for Sage 2011 where an index out of range error could occur after selecting a nominal account
  • Removed the code that sorts the nominal transaction enquiry in descending date order as it affects export to excel
  • Added additional handling when viewing PDF documents for when the PDF document could not be loaded
  • Added additional handling for scanning with Wia
  • Fixed an issue in Sage 2011 on the record purchase invoice screen where an error would be displayed for every invoice entered after the first.
  • Fixed an issue on the BaseIndexEntryScript where it was instantiating the index document form more than once without disposing of previous instances
  • The Sage attachments icon will now be removed from PL Transaction enquiry when DMS is enabled
  • Added additional handling on the base no documents form to handle Sage timeout exceptions
  • Added some code to the end of the scan routine to bring the windows to the front if the scan was successful
  • Modules, Entities and Document Types for addons that are not installed will no longer appear
  • Removed the warning message box that appears just before an automatic database upgrade, now it will just do it.
  • Added additional handling to the base index script to catch data reader exceptions for when sage is not connected properly
  • Removed the code that removes the attachments tab from purchase order entry as this one is not related to new Sage Scan and Attach functionality

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added an additional index to the SiconDMSDocumentAttribute table to speed up queries using AttributeValue and Deleted columns
  • Created an index on the PLPostedSupplierTrans table to search for transactions with no document
  • Created an index on the SiconDMSDocument table to filter out SiconDMSDocumentTypeEntity deleted records
  • Added Indexes on the SiconDMSDocumentRoles table

Date applied: May 27, 2019