Construction Manager & CIS

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Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • fixed cumulative retention calculation on application screen
  • Subcontactor PO line should only show the Cost Project headers
  • Fixed rounding issue causing allocation window to appear on save for valuations created through populate outstanding
  • Reversing an Valuation using Recognition on Applications (Supplier) – should now use the date used on the nominal selection instead of todays date.
  • Supplier application import should post nominals for any valuation values included
  • Fixed issue when posting Credit Note where SL and PL have the same invoice number
  • Changing of a sales or subcontract order line will now be disabled if the line has been applied for

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • You can now edit nominal allocation and retention on valuations created through Populate outstanding
  • Invoice nominals will now pop up on posting invoices for valuations and reversals
  • Written off retentions now added to Application ledger totals pop up
  • New filters added to applications ledgers including date range and trading account
  • Added display to prompt when raising a Supplier valuation if the supplier is CIS registered and no labour value or % has been entered

Date applied: February 6, 2023