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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Order lines that have not been despatched should not display on the generate applications screen.
  • Application postings with Invoice recognition will now show pop ups to display nominals it will post for the user to confirm
  • Expiry or no licence key messages should display on all construction menu options
  • Change to application totals popup to show application retentions and Retentions Outstanding (maybe also Retentions Released)
  • Fixed issue when reversing a valuation and raising a new one, the populate outstanding button is not displaying the reversed valuation values
  • Application import with opening balance valuations will now use the second reference as the invoice number
  • CIS deduction fields will now be enabled for retention release valuations even if using CIS nominals
  • Multiple customers/suppliers will not be allowed to be picked on retention releases

Date applied: January 17, 2023