Construction Manager & CIS

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Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Construction tabs added to add and amend project estimate and template screens
  • Added ability to change allocation quantity on the rapid sales order despatch screen
  • Added better error handling onto sales order despatch screen to identify line the error occurred on.
  • RCT offline mode will nolonger lookup and verify contracts on set up or posting payments.

Issues Resolved
  • Added block to the Correct & Reverse button for the CIS credit notes in Sales ledger
  • Added a warning if the Subcontractor name is longer than 35 characters
  • Fixed error when entering a zero value valuation and allocating the outstanding amounts
  • When recording subcontractor applications containing comment lines on the purchase order, now marks status as complete
  • Financial enquiry posting date is now correct when amending date on application
  • Application Recognition Financial Enquiry Posting is wrong when amending the posting date on application
  • Fixed PL application discounts not updating project totals on Projects advanced list.
  • Negative retentions will nolonger be copied over to retention released fields on valuations.

Date applied: March 27, 2024