Construction Manager & CIS

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Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added the ability to set groups on valuations to filter data on printed certificates.
  • Sales Transaction Enquiry will now use X tables for retentions check
  • Added a ‘clear’ button to Despatch Sales Orders Form

Issues Resolved
  • Added pop up for user to suggest nominal to use when single retention release finds a difference in values from nominals. This will stop the ‘The nominal analysis total does not match transaction net value’ error from appearing.
  • Auto stock allocation setting should action when copying an existing sales order
  • Payment audits should include any allocated credit notes on a payment
  • Removed ‘Exclude all ‘materials only transactions’ tick box from CIS return screen
  • Valuation Invoice and Receipt Allocation Date will now use the Receipt date

Date applied: February 28, 2024