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Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added new tick box on an application to set it as an opening balance which will not do nominal postings.

Issues Resolved
  • Columns added to application retention ledger for outstanding amount and previous released amount
  • Converting a sales order Quote to a sales order should create project postings.
  • Updated Sales Application Web API methods to automatically create retention and discount lines
  • Quotes should save as quote lines on projects
  • Generating an application from a sales order should create retentions in retention ledger if automatically set on the project
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error on deleting an unallocated application
  • Fixed ‘negative value error’ when Reversing valuation
  • Fixed ‘Tax goods value doesn’t equal net value’ error when posting valuation Invoice that contains a mix of positive and negative nominal lines

Date applied: February 8, 2022