Construction Manager & CIS

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Issues Resolved New Features Important
Important Info
  • Requires latest Projects and Common Components

New Features
  • Construct export option added
  • Added a messaging service to notify a retention invoice has been posted. Requires latest common components
  • Discounts will now be added on applications as a separate line in the nominals (Only if recognised on application)
  • Retentions and discounts can now be calculated on valuations on ‘populate outstanding’

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed progress dialog showing in front of submit CIS
  • Fixed ‘Value must be greater than zero’ error when trying to reverse a credit valuation
  • CITB should be recalculated on CIS Return if an invoice is part allocated to a payment
  • Labour, materials and other % values should calculate correctly CIS tab on PL transaction enquiry

Date applied: January 17, 2022