Construction Manager & CIS

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Important Info
  • Update companies required

New Features
  • Sales Application Import has been changed to new format. (See help and user guide section on Imports > Import Customer Applications for more information: )
  • CIS tab added to sales ledger enquiry
  • Sales CIS functionality added to sales applications
    • Recently there were a fair few requests for CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) to be added to Sales transactions. Typically, CIS offerings are for Subcontractors (Purchase Ledger Suppliers Accounts in Sage) and the ability to have an online submission via the HMRC gateway. Sales CIS is slightly different, from a business point of view, the company within Sage doesn’t have a Gross Payments status with HMRC, that means any Sales Invoices raised is subject to a CIS deduction, either 20% if you are CIS registered or 30% if you are unregistered.
    • Prior to the most recent releases, Sales CIS was only available on Sales Ledger Transactions in a very limited way. We are pleased to announce that Sales CIS is available on Sales Transactions, Sales Order Processing (SOP), Invoicing and on Customer Applications.
    • Import aspects of the CIS Sales interaction: In all the modules that Sales CIS interacts with, a Credit Note or Invoice deduction is added at the point that the Invoice or Credit Note is posted to the ledger.  For the SOP and Invoicing module, as the system allows you to produce documentation, a comment line has been added stating “Order subject to X% deduction equal to XX”, where the X% is the deduction amount set in the CIS settings and the XX is the total Labour deduction value on the Order/Invoice. It wasn’t possible to add the deduction directly onto the Order itself as the Sage prevents the VAT summary having a negative amount for a single VAT code. Sales CIS uses the same VAT code as the Subcontractor deductions (that isn’t included on the VAT Return).

Issues Resolved
  • Opening balance Valuations should display the correct payment values
  • Stock Returns from Construction sales orders should be negative and post to a cost project header rather than the revenue code from the order
  • Updating a project on a construction order should also update the project on the order lines
  • Fixed the setting for putting supplier accounts on hold for public liability end employee liability insurance.
  • Removed old references for single valuations to clean up code.

Date applied: February 21, 2024