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Issues Resolved
  • Fixed ‘Object not set…’ error on release retention button on Supplier Application ledger.
  • Nominal reversal postings will not occur on delete valuation if the valuation is not allocated to applications.
  • 2nd reference will now also be used on grouping deductions on rapid PL invoices.
  • Fixed rounding issue on allocation valuations when setting status of applications to ‘Retentions Only’
  • Decimal places (5dp) added to sales order percentage complete
  • Fixed ‘Divide by zero…’ error on Construction sales orders if the stock item has no price.
  • Populate outstanding button on valuation with application that has multiple lines. it should show values selected and calculate the total bar.
  • Fixed rounding issue on allocated valuations displayed in Application form (not Application ledger)
  • ‘Print Invoice’ should be enabled on allocated valuations on application form.

Date applied: April 1, 2021