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Important Info
  • Update Companies Required

Issues Resolved
  • Application allocation screen will now be allowed to close without saving.
  • Fixed Format of outstanding to invoice column on applications to have commas.
  • Values in construction sales orders and subcontract orders will be formatted with columns.
  • Fixed issue with wrong supplier showing on the print certificate screen.
  • Fixed issue with reverse valuation not using the correct supplier.
  • ‘Object not set’ error fixed on creating subcontract order applications when opened from the construction menu.
  • Fixed batch posting on suggested payments with RCT.

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Phase, stage and activity can now be selected on application/valuation nominal lines.
  • Final application will now also update any linked orders and will prompt the user to set the nominal split.
  • Subcontract valuation certificates can now be printed in batch.
  • Print and Email button added to application screen.
  • Populate outstanding button added to new valuations to auto populate with multiple nominals.

Date applied: August 3, 2020