WAP v21

WAP is a locally installed web based application designed specifically for real-time integration with Sage 200. Providing data entry and approval processing for business documents including Requisitions, Invoices, Expenses, Timesheets, Holidays, Sales Orders and HR. Approvals can be based on parameters such as nominal code, project/job, user, document type and value. Real-time analysis of committed costs, nominal and project actual costs against budgets.


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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with the WAP service where it was not allowing posting of Duplicate Transaction references despite the setting being enabled in WAP.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Requisition Stock Line entry costing item selection being greyed out when a line is added with a Default Costing Header being set on the Header.
  • [JSV] Fixed Project Accounting Timesheet lines using the Cost Rate ID for Charge Rate and Pay Rate when hidden instead of looking up the user’s Default Rate.

Date applied: July 1, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed issue on Goods Received when using Batch Serial numbers. The automatic attributes were not posting over on Good Receipts sent to Sage correctly.
  • [JSV] Fixed Project edit screen not allowing user to edit the notes.
  •  [JSV] Fixed Holiday entitlement widget showing all Mandatory Holidays in the ‘Requests’ tab for part time users instead of just the Mandatory Holidays in their work pattern.
  • [JSV] Fixed Requisition Project Budget incorrectly showing ‘Budget not set’ on the Budget tab when editing a Requisition.

Date applied: June 29, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed issue where after deleting a Nominal Account in Sage that is also a Restricted Nominal in WAP, it was not possible to open the Restricted Nominal Account setting page.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Sicon Timesheets when approval route amendments are set to reset approval routes.  Under some circumstances, multiple Approval Route Histories would be created for each timesheet Line.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Project Requisition where the Warehouse List would only be populated with Warehouses available for Sales Trading when User Warehouse Allocation is enabled.
  • [JSV] Fixed Requisition Project Budget incorrectly showing ‘Budget not set’ on the Budget tab when editing a Requisition.

Date applied: June 7, 2022


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed issue on Requisition Lines where a quantity of more than 999,999 could not be input. Now 9,999,999 to align with Sage.
  • [LP] Fixed issue on the Requisition View page where the default Project combo box was not reloading when the Sage Database was changed.
  • [LP] Fixed issue for Goods Receiving where having a stock group attribute name more than 50 characters caused an ‘Object Reference’ error Message.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Expense Line Subsistence entry with Sicon Projects integration enabled – The cost header would not be selected from the Subsistence Expense Type cost header when configured to be populated from the Expense Type.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Mileage line entry with Projects integration enabled – If the Cost Header is configured to be populated from the Expense Type, it would not correctly save the Project Header if the Project is changed.
  • [JSV] Fixed ‘Delete’ button being disabled for users who have permission to delete attachments from completed requisitions.
  • [JSV] Fixed issue that would prevent users booking TOILBank Holiday for brought forward hours when they had no TOIL hours accrued for the current entitlement period.
  • [JSV] Fixed an ‘Object Reference Not Set’ error message when raising a Requisition and selecting a different Sage Database to the user’s default, then choosing a Supplier.
  • [JSV] Fixed error occurring when entering a Construction Application but there is no default Cost Code set in Sicon Projects.
  • [JSV] Fixed Self Approval Values not all showing on the User Approval report.

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [LP] Quick links for ‘Record Credit Note’, ‘Batch Invoice Entry’ and ‘Record PO Invoice’ added to dashboard for User Types with the permission to action them.
  • [JSV] Added a WAP Service method to post Holiday Timesheet lines to Sicon Projects regardless of whether the Timesheet has been submitted or not. This will also post any Bank Holiday or Mandatory Holiday found on the same Timesheet.
  • [JSV] Allowed Attachments to be deleted if the delete button is enabled and the file is marked as ‘posted’ but only if Sicon Documents is not enabled in WAP.
  • [JSV] Adjusted the columns on the ‘existing orders’ columns so the PO Document column is one of the last to get hidden as the screen shrinks.
  • [JSV] Speeded up budget checking for Projects.

Date applied: May 25, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Expense and Mileage line entry with Projects integration enabled. If the cost header is configured to be populated from the expense type, it would not correctly save the Project header if the Project is changed. Users would then be unable to save the record due to not having entered a Project Header.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Requisition entry with projects integration enabled. Users would be unable to save the record due to not having entered a Project Header if the project was changed.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when amending Projects and Cost Headers on an existing Credit note. Amending existing credit lines which were created in Sage would lead to an “invalid cast exception” error message.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Requisition CSV import where a user would encounter an “Object Reference” during import after validation has passed, when Requisition analysis code defaults are configured to populate from Request Number.
  • [RB] Improved error handling and logging of the “Target Invocation Exception” error when saving a Free Text Line of a Requisition that has already been posted to Sage.
  • [JSV] Fixed Notifications not automatically clearing after the date set in the settings.
  • [JSV] Fixed Holiday spanning multiple days from using the Holiday start time instead of the work pattern shift time, when adding holiday to timesheets and the Holiday work pattern is not being used to add the time.

Date applied: May 6, 2022


New Features Important
Important Info
  • [LP] Fixed Requisitions approved and posted into sage not linking the created pop lines with the Requisition lines.
  • [LP] Fixed issue where the Default Project on a Requisition header would get set to the default project even if there was no POP default project set in Sage.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Project Requisition entry with Sicon Projects integration where the cost header value would be cleared after selecting a new project, rather than retaining the current cost header.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Project Requisition entry when selecting a stock item – If the selectable cost headers exceed 100 and the default POP cost header for the stock item is not in the top 100 alphabetically, the cost header would not automatically be selected.
  • [RB] Improved screen validation added to address an Index out of range exception on Timesheet screens.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Google Maps in Expenses Mileage screens which would not load the control content due to content security restrictions.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Google Maps in Expenses Mileage screens that would fail to load the control if the user’s home address contains an apostrophe.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Sales Order, Quote and Return screens where the stock quantities grid would not display the “In stock” value.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on User Credit Card allocation page in User Settings, where the selected user’s allocated card list would be retained after closing and reopening the page.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with user Expense Type Wizard where existing Expense Type nominals would not be updated, but instead duplicated when the option to delete existing entries is unchecked.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with user Expense Type Wizard which would not apply the change to the Default nominal if the default nominal no longer matches the existing default and the option to delete existing entries is unchecked.
  • [RB] Nominal Selection list on User Expense Type Wizard will no longer populate with blank records as there is no single Expense type specified to load nominals from.
  • [JSV] Fixed Time and Attendance screen not filtering Job Headers by user settings in WAP. Modified to use the same logic as in timesheets etc.
  • [JSV] Fixed Requisition page not setting the default project header when the user does not have access to it.
  • [JSV] Fix Timesheet adjustment transactions not getting removed when Timesheet is reset and not getting deleted when the Timesheet is deleted. This was causing adjustment transactions to remain after the timesheet was deleted.
  • [JSV] Fixed Requisition stock item entry not using default stock item header if it wasn’t in the list to select.
  • [JSV] Fixed Requisition stock item entry retaining default stock item header when adding a new line.
  • [JSV] Fix Project Requisition not setting stock item default as the project item (project Header) if it does not exist in the list already – The item will now be added to the list and selected automatically if it is not already there.

New Features
  • [LP] ‘Country’ column add to the standard user import file.

Date applied: April 25, 2022


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed issue where the grids on the order view page were not picking up the theme.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on invoice approval screen where the Invoices On Hold grid on Credits would not populate.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when amending lines on Approved Requisitions already sent to Sage. After an amendment, the line and requisition will remain approved, which would cause the document to not require re-approval or update the amendment to Sage.
  • [JSV] Added validation to goods received page for receipt/supplier document dates. Will flag up if they are not set or if they are outside the accepted range.

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [JSV] Added Supplier Tax registration number to lookup so it is available for report templates.

Date applied: April 12, 2022


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed an issue when selecting a stock item on a requisition line where the stock default header was showing even if unavailable on the current project.
  • [LP] Fixed an issue where using sage databases with different base currencies to the WAP default currency would cause requisitions to get the wrong value bands.
  • [RB] Fixed Current timesheet page erroring with ‘Object reference not set’ for Sicon timesheets.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Sales Order Entry page where users would be unable to edit existing Charge item lines.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Fuel Rate entry page which would encounter an object reference error when attempting to update a Fuel Rate History entry.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when setting allowing amending delivery dates of approved orders where amendment of the date would cause the line to be marked as unsubmitted.  This would lead Requisition printing to fail because there are unsubmitted lines.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue in user Warehouse allocation where all warehouse allocations would be created as available for Requisition- Sales Order- and Goods Received selection regardless of options selected.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue in sales order stock entry where users would be unable to search or some warehouses when the list of selectable warehouses exceeds 20 warehouses.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Sales Order creation where the Header default warehouse would not be updated when posting to Sage.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on sales order stock line entry where the default warehouse selected on the header would not be set even when the item is available in the default warehouse.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Budget Enquiry report where Actuals detail grid would not filter out transactions outside of current financial period when the budget settings to exclude them are enabled.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Expense approval page when a user does an in-line edit of an expense – If the approver’s default Sage Database does not match the database for the expense, changing the Tax rate could potentially pick up the tax rate from the approver’s default database.
  • [RB] Resolved an SQL syntax error on various page that access timesheet lines in WAP.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on timesheet entry where a user would encounter an index out of range exception when navigating between timesheets or saving an existing timesheet. This occurs after remaining on the same page for a duration exceeding the server session duration or when the timesheets do not have the same amount of lines.
  • [JSV] Fixed analysis code not clearing for existing orders where the code is set by supplier but the supplier has no default value.
  • [JSV] Prevented ‘reset lines’ button being enabled for WAP timesheets if timesheet has been fully approved.
  • [JSV] Prevented ‘Adjust Timesheets’ button being active if timesheet is set to be cleared.
  • [JSV] Fixed Nominal account export showing accounts for all users rather than the selected user.
  • [JSV] Fixed ‘Index out of range’ issue when approving timesheets.
  • [JSV] Fixed Projects transactions not being deleted for Timesheets when hours have been reduced to zero prior to deleting.
  • [JSV] Requisition Analysis codes that are set by supplier now get reset to the default values when a new supplier is selected.
  • [JSV] Set default supplier analysis codes on MRP order sent to WAP from Sage (Service – header only).
  • [JSV] Fixed an issue where ToilBank was only showing brought forward hours if the user had booked toil in the current period.

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [LP] Requisition Default Project combo box now uses project selection control, therefore a phase / stage / activity will need to be selected if relevant.
  • [RB] Project Details are now selectable on Sales Order Charge Lines.
  • [RB] Project Details are now selectable on Requisition Charge Lines.
  • [JSV] Added text to entitlement widget to show when brought forward ToilBank hours expire.

Date applied: April 12, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Fixed issue where the user settings page was not showing validation errors from the tabs, causing the page to save and close without any notification
  • [JSV] Requisition templates now uses the same logic as requisitions to set the tax rate (e.g. for supplier/stock item rates)
  • [LP] Fixed issue where having a large number on hours on a single day of WAP timesheets could cause the approval page to throw errors
  • [LP] Fixed issue where clicking the update button while entering a WAP timesheet with any invalid details would reset all entered line details
  • [LP] Fixed issue where selecting a project item on a WAP timesheet line would lose all other values in the combo box

Date applied: February 3, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Hide requisition delete button if lines have a goods received value
  • [LP] Fixed timesheets project reports showing incorrect cost code / charge code / pay code
  • [RB] Resolved an issue in Invoice approval where credit notes with multiple lines e.g. split over multiple Projects, would display the line VAT value as zero
  • [JSV] Update help file links
  • [RB] Performance improvement on invoice approval screen when checking project budgets with large amounts of projects

Date applied: January 28, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed timesheet rapid entry defaulting payrate ID to the same as cost rate ID when using project accounting
  • [LP] Fixed issue where expenses would fail to post to sage properly if a expense lines details character length was over 256 characters
    • There is now a max character length on Expense Lines details to stop this
  • [LP] Fixed issue where the expense user type wizard would not allow you to select a costing item when there is no default costing on the expense type and Obtain expense project item from expense type is enabled
  • [JSV] Fixed SQL error when using operations with T&A worksorder jobs
  • [JSV] Prevent T&A screen loading if no timesheet module or if using sage timesheets
  • [RB] Reduced memory usage caused by caching
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on invoice approval reports where the gross value would instead display the net value for credit notes
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with User Document Approval export with error “‘Requisition’ is not a valid Document Type” when attempting to export. The specified document type may vary based on enabled modules
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on user edit page with mileage totals display, which would calculate based on the opening balance of the first entry in the opening balanced table, rather than the user’s specific opening balance
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where documents would be automatically self approved when the system is configured to use normal approval values when the requester is also the approver and the submitting user has sufficient approval value for the applicable document type

Date applied: January 17, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on expense approval screen where the header Gross and VAT value would show the total of all the lines for approval by the specific user while the Net value displays for the expense total
    • The header will now show Expense total for all lines
  • [RB] General performance improvements related to warehouse and stock item lookups
  • [RB] Performance improvement to Project Requisition entry page
  • [LP] Resolved issue where project requisitions were unable to create a free text line when no costing module was selected
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with requisition stock entry where the stock item tax rate would be selected by default rather than the supplier tax rate when the Sage company is not a GB company
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when copying a requisition changing the supplier when copying, which would retain the Supplier contact details of the original Requisition’s supplier

Date applied: January 7, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Detailed holiday report will now show starting holiday with the hours specified spread equally between the dates specified
    • Days are calculated based on an assumption of 8 hours per day
  • [JSV] Fix job tree showing headers that are not shown on the drop down selection for requisitions
  • [JSV] Fix timesheet reverting to the user’s default database in the dropdown when editing a timesheet selected from a list filtered by another database
  • [RB] Improved the performance of invoice approval page on expanding individual lines when budget checking is enabled
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with document submission when the document type is configured to approve by document value rather than document item
    • If the submitting user is in the approval route, the user self approval value would always be used regardless of approval option for self approval being set to user default approval value
  • [JSV] Fix supplier application valuation not updating the approval status in Sage correctly when fully approved in WAP
  • [LP] Mobile Supplier Applications is now hidden in WAP Miscellaneous Settings
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with expenses and invoices created in WAP with descriptions exceeding 600 characters would encounter an error during posting if Projects integration is enabled.  The transaction is created in Sage, but the document is failed in WAP
    • Clearing the error in WAP and reposting would create a duplicate entry in Sage

Date applied: December 24, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed Requisition header not using supplier override for analysis codes
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on approval route report with Projects approval routes which would only show one of the configured projects if there is more than one project with the same description
  • [JSV] Fix supplier part number not reverting back to stock number when switching to a supplier with no override part number
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on user edit page with mileage totals display, which would calculate based on the opening balance of the first entry in the opening balanced table, rather than the user’s specific opening balance

Date applied: December 17, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fix requisition not using the supplier default value set in the poporder analysis code override in Sage
  • [JSV] If an invoice is on hold and the approval route it is in is modified causing the existing routes to be reset a message pops up to let the user know the route can’t be reset
  • [JSV] If a supplier is changed on a requisition, WAP will now check for a supplier part number for any stock item lines and update them
  • [RB] “My HR” button will no longer be visible on the main menu if the HR module is not enabled
  • [JSV] Fix WAP timesheet approval screen showing incorrect details on lines (e.g. missing hours, incorret status etc)

Date applied: December 10, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fix object reference error when approving timesheets and the requesting user has an incorrectly set holiday workpattern
  • [JSV] Fix Timesheet totals report only including the first line for each timesheet
  • [RB] Ensure Unit Price Zero warning is always displayed when applicable on Requisition Free Text- and Stock Item entry
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on weekly timesheet entry where submission of timesheets would fail validation due to a missing Charge- or Cost Rate when Charge and/or Cost Rate columns are hidden
  • [LP] Turning off the setting “Use Holiday workpattern when adding holiday to timesheets” will turn holiday workpattern shifts into timesheet workpattern shifts
  • [LP] Fixed issue where expense lines were losing added attachments and causing expense lines that required any attachments to be unable to save
  • [RB] Addressed an issue in various Requisition, timesheet and expense reports and approval page grids. If there were multiple lines with the same costing header, costing item or nominal account, only the first line would display the details

Date applied: December 3, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Budget drilldown where WAP Requisitions with a status of Completed or Archived could potentially be included in the outstanding WAP Items calculation
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where amending a posted Requisions from within Sage. If the line value is changed by changing the price, quantity or discount, the Line would be included in the outstanding WAP Items budget calculation
  • [JSV] Fix requisition attachment control on justification tab not updating when adding a file and not displaying when clicking on an existing attachment
  • [LP] Fixed being able to mark a user as a leaver in Settings – Users while using Sicon Timesheets and the user has timesheets that are awaiting approval, will now ask for timesheets to be approved before marking the user as a leaver
  • [LP] Fixed issue on requisition delivery address allowing delivery address being edited after selecting free text delivery and then re selecting any other delivery options
  • [LP] Fixed customer delivery addresses not updating the order delivery address name
  • [RB] Timesheet entry page will now correctly enable and disable buttons based on whether the user is currently editing a line
  • [JSV] Hide TOIL columns on holiday entitlement report if using TOILBank
  • [JSV] Alter wording on TOILBank report info
  • [JSV] Fix ‘MaxProperty’ error when adding valuation to Supplier application
  • [JSV] Fix Error updating supplier valuation on approval

Date applied: November 24, 2021


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with new database connection creation when entering a description of more than 50 characters, which would state that the connection is invalid or that the database could not be located when attempting to save the database or amend default tax rates
    • Connection description of up to 100 will now be allowed
  • [LP] Fixed user approval route reports showing incorrect approval values

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [JSV] Added TLS version override to WAP to allow emails to use a specific security protocol when communicating with the mail server using SSL/TLS, accessible with security level of 2 or higher

Date applied: November 14, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fix requisition lines that have no confirmation method set being editable even if they have been received/invoiced.  This was resulting in lines that would not get updated in Sage
  • [JSV] Fix projects cost rates not pulling in the correct employee rate when the slot indexes are not sequential
  • [RB] Clarified the Event log entry when encountering a Sage 10053Exception (The nominal analysis total does not match transaction net value) while unholding invoices to clarify that there is an issue in the Sage business objects under certain circumstances for which there is no workaround
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where selecting to enter a Sales Order from the dropdown menu would instead open a new Sales Return
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Supplier Creation where file attachments would not be posted to Sage when Documents integration is enabled
  • [JSV] Fixed amending MRP orders not updating the order in Sage

Date applied: November 3, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed issue where when creating a new user, if the system account is selected to copy from the new user would be created as another system account
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on HR Calendar page where users without system settings permissions would be denied access to the page. This is now based on HR Admin permissions
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where users would get an empty error page when logging off directly while on the Existing Sales Order page
  • [RB] Improved loading speed of various approval based reports when using project accounting with large amounts of projects
  • [JSV] Fix Holiday entitlement booked hours including hours in subsequent periods
  • [LP] Fixed issue where show expense allocation is enabled expenses paid in sage were not creating notifications/emails
  • [RB] Improved load times of various approval based reports such as Outstanding orders and Expense approval report when working with large amounts of Project Accounting projects

Date applied: October 22, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when attempting to go to Create a new Sales Order/ Quote or Return as the first action after logging into WAP initially would lead to an object reference error or a SQL exception regarding an empty username
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when converting a Sales Quote to Sales Order where the Sales Order will be awaiting approval, but the approval user would be unable to view the items for approval
  • [JSV] Add a tab to show all attachments added to goods receipts when viewing on the order from the quantities tab
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with proposed payment notifications where awaiting approval notifications would be routinely removed from notifications list and emails
  • [RB] Reduced the amount of errors logged by background processes when users attempt to navigate directly to a page by URL without first logging in
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Project lookup which would lead to a SQL exception
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when amending Requested delivery date on order headers, which would not accurately update the requested delivery date on lines
    • Amending the Requested delivery date will update the line dates to the latest of the Line’s Requested date or the order date
    • Order line requested dates can not be amended to a date older than the document’s current date and can not be amended to a date prior to the date on the line as soon as the order is saved or the order line is viewed
  • [JSV] Fixed a bug where failing Sicon Timesheets were not being flagged as failed and would continually retry (in this case the employee was a leaver)
  • [JSV] Resolved an issue where the unsubmitted timesheet notification process wasn’t using the end date when checking Sicon Timesheets
  • [RB] HR admin pages will now redirect to Dashboard when closed instead of system settings page
  • [LP] Fixed issue where right clicking on the HRCalendar was showing the menu option to create new appointments and would cause errors when the appointment was added, the menu option has been removed as should not be shown there
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with notifications when a document was entered by a user on behalf of a different user but approved by the user who entered the document
    • The requested by user’s notification would show it was approved by ‘yourself’. This applies to Approved and Rejected notifications

Date applied: October 14, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Addressed a performance issue when viewing content where data from WAP Order data and the related Sage Order are displayed on the same control such as line grids on Requisition entry
  • [JSV] When processing a timesheet line, if a transaction already exists use the cost and charge rates of the existing transaction rather than looking up the current rates
  • [JSV] Changed the terminology on the starting holiday import csv to make it clearer
  • [JSV] Made the hours on the starting holiday import to me mandatory
  • [JSV] Fixed holiday report not flagging subsequent lines as adjustment lines if they span more than one week
  • [JSV] Fix ‘booked’ holiday calculation not including holidays currently in progress
  • [LP] When using Sicon Timesheets the bank holiday tool will now use bank holidays from a selected sage database
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on approval route creation screen where user type approval steps with multiple user types would only display the first selected user type in the list
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on city maintenance screen where a user would get an object reference error when attempting to amend the city name
  • [RB] Made changes to reduce the amount of times users would get redirected to the login page due to a disconnected session
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where updating user account values on user edit page would not be reflected till after cache is cleared, which could lead to duplicate user approval value entries
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Invoice approval screen when expanding an invoice for view when costing module is enabled where the SQL connection would potentially not have the required credentials
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Sales order posting when the Sales Units are updated followed by updating the unit price would cause the sales order to post with the original unit price for the selected sales units
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Sales Order Stock entry where stock items would appear multiple times in the stock item selection if the stock item is available from multiple suppliers
  • [RB] Resolved an issue that would cause an object reference not set exception after saving a  new Order Line entry

Date applied: October 1, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Sales Orders where viewing or amending an existing Sales Order in Sage containing a Comment line would clear the comment description for the comment line in WAP
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Sales Orders where viewing or amending an existing Sales Order with a zero value could potentially mark the Sales Order as deleted in WAP
  • [RB] Outstanding Orders Report will no longer include lines with No Confirmation required
  • [JSV] Fixed an issue where approver notifications for sales returns, sales quotes and absences were being cleared before the approver had approved them
  • [LP] Fixed an issue where the validation error popup for approving selected sicon timesheets would only find the first closed project from each timesheet
  • [JSV] Fix existing invoices page showing tax and totals in an incorrect currency when a plposted supplier transaction exists in a different currency
  • [RB] Resolved a SQL exception caused when WAP is looking up existing notifications from the database

Date applied: September 24, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed issue where supplier application valuations (construction) where duplicating if the user had self approval enabled
  • [RB] Notification lookups will no longer return results for deleted databases
  • [JSV] Added a URL parameter to disable the submit confirm dialogue on touchscreen holiday requests
  • [LP] Fixed issue where running Approval Route Reports against all documents returns different results to running against a specific document type, will now show all results
  • [JSV] Fixed erroneous job costing reference in PO Layout 5
  • [JSV] Default timesheet charge and pay rate IDs to the cost rate ID if they are not selectable
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when attempting to update approval routes using the approval route import functionality which would cause a “Value cannot be null” message to be displayed. Specifically:
    • “Reset approval routes on route change” is enabled
    • Sicon Timesheets are enabled, and
    • There is a Timesheet that is not fully approved yet, and has at least one deleted line
  • [RB] Improved handling of User Expense Type import for “nominal” type record line imports if no nominal account details are entered to have a clearer error message
  • [RB] Resolved a SQL syntax error on various Timesheet reports when using Sicon Timesheets and filtering by document status
  • [JSV] Fixed a bug where web api check in company edit was calling a big webAPI method that caused delays
  • [JSV] Fixed a bug where adding a holiday was trying to update an operation when the user had no permission to use operations

Date applied: September 20, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when amending requisition lines or resetting approval routes after a job manager has been updated
    • The amended Job Manager would not be used for determining approval routes until a Job has been reselected on the order line level
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with automatic sending of PO emails after posting when the Sage company has Terms and conditions text configured
  • [RB] Resolved a SQL syntax error when attempting to run Sicon Timesheets Project Summary report with a Header or Line status filter when using Sicon Timesheets
  • [JSV] Enable Holiday work pattern to be selected for a user when HR enabled but holidays aren’t so absences can use them

Date applied: September 7, 2021


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Requisitions View page where an object reference not set exception would be encountered if the page is viewed before any Requisitions have been entered in the system
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with splitting invoice lines which would cause line description and reference would be left blank
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with splitting invoice lines when Sicon Projects are enabled which would cause split lines’ narrative to be incorrectly copied
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with WAP invoice entry which could cause Project analysis entries not to be created when creating new invoices
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with invoice amendment where invoices entered in Sage where lines are split in WAP would not post all details of project transactions
    • The Supplier Ref, Supplier Name and Document Reference would not be populated on new lines
  • [JSV] Fixed requisition quote request report showing sales order instead of requisition when designing and selecting a new data source
  • [JSV] Fixed Project requisition not finding default stock item header when filtering and it item is the only one in the list
    • The auto selection was causing it not to trigger so a manual selection is required
  • [JSV] Fixed requisition setting the committed/actual quantities incorrectly when re-posting a partially invoiced requisition causing the same value to appear in committed and actual for the transaction
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with invoice amendment when an invoice line was split into multiple projects where the original project would retain the total actual value of the entire invoice rather than the split value
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Existing invoices page where filtering by “I have approved” for business units would return only items approved by the current user and not return results for invoices approved by other members of shared business units
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on invoice approval report where running the report for “I have approved” for Business Units would return invoice records for invoices created against a business unit the current user doesn’t have access to, but a user in a shared business unit does
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with requisition entry where users with access to multiple companies would potentially have their default company’s delivery and invoice address saved to the order when they have changed the order to a non-default company
  • [JSV] Improve speed of WAP handling user nominal records. Affects User nominal wizard, user nominal account edit, requisitions etc
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when creating requisitions with zero value. The requisition will no longer be marked as deleted in WAP after being viewed in Sage
  • [JSV] When requisition or timesheet have the line approval route reset, the job manager is looked up again (if Sicon Projects is used) in case it has been changed on the project
  • [JSV] Added additional filtering to requisitions so it a user is filtering by department and the requisition has a department ID set in the justification tab it won’t show if the user is not in the same department (unless they have permission to view all orders) even if they are part of the same department as the requesting user
  • [JSV] Clear user nominal cache after adding nominals using the user nominal account wizard
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where auto email of PO orders at posting enabled would still attempt to email documents when SMTP email is disabled
  • [RB] Addressed issues with requisition import email address validation
    • If the email address in Sage was invalid, the email manually entered in the import would not be evaluated
    • If more than one contact had the SendPLOrderTo role, a non-preferred contact could be used
  • [JSV] Fix ‘object reference not set’ error on timesheet submission report which was caused by an inactive user account when include leavers was set to false
  • [LP] Resolved issue where program would produce an error while running requisition reports due to issues setting the warehouse name column

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [RB] System Setting added to disable updating PL Account details on Bank detail changes in HR module

Date applied: September 1, 2021


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Resolved timesheet lines retaining old job manager when line is reset and the job manager on the job has been changed after it was originally created (Sicon Projects)
  • [RB] Addressed performance issue when opening Expense entry page as a user with a large amount of delegates which would lead to a large amount of unnecessary caching
  • [RB] Resolved an issue in expense approval when there are expenses awaiting approval in a User Type step which would cause the expense header to be repeated in the grid while not displaying all expense lines
  • [RB] Clarified error message in Requisition import validation messages to clarify that a supplier is in an invalid format rather than just not specified
  • [JSV] Made a change to allow committed transactions for Timesheets to be updated if a timesheet line is edited and resubmitted
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Sage Invoice amendment where Phases/Stages/Activity selection would not show when enabled in Projects
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Sage invoice amendment where project details would not be retained when splitting a line after changing the Project/Project Header
  • [LP] Updated Outstanding Orders report export file name from GoodsOrderedNotInvoiced to OutstandingOrders
  • [LP] Fixed select all check box in nominal lookup control clearing previous selections on filtered use
  • [RB] Removed the ability to access some legacy reports that are no longer supported by navigating directly to the URL
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with goods received where receipts would fail during update, but not display a failure message to users
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with goods received where users could not perform receipts on internal orders e.g. for the user’s own supplier, when Sage commercials is enabled
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with goods received when receiving batch stock items with a buying unit different from the stock unit, which would not take into account the unit conversion when validating that the batch quantities match the line quantity
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when using Construction integration where construction related invoices would not have their query flag cleared unless Sicon Applications Module is installed

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [JSV] force admin user to change password if still the same as initial password or blank

Date applied: August 3, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed Group nominals showing other document type values in the expense column in the budget drill down screen
  • [JSV] Fix project requisition not pulling in the default job/header for new lines or when the stock item changed
  • [JSV] Fix Sicon project rate only finding the team rate
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with mileage entry where the regular commute on google maps control would potentially be miscalculated when using the HR module
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on order view page where justification control could still be amandable when the order is no longer amendable
  • [LP] Fixed project headers not filtering by project when editing invoice after clearing headers
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where supplier part numbers would not be saved on stock item order lines that were created from Project Requisitions
  • [JSV] Fixed absences not being added to timesheets correctly when using sicontimesheets, this meant that cancelled absences were not being removed from timesheets
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Project Enquiry list which would negate the Revenue variance
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Project enquiry where cost actuals would be incorrectly calculated when POs with invoice variances exists
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Project Enquiry Labour detail which would not calculate the actual cost
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Project Enquiry Budget detail which would negate Variance values for cost and revenue
  • [LP] Fixed Holiday extensions still flagging as an extension in cancellation approval
  • [LP] Fixed issue where user could allocate supply filters without the PRS analysis code being configured
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with mileage line entry page when Project accounting integration is enabled. Project and item selection control would remain empty when editing an existing lien, which would cause the project details to be lost when saving the line after editing

Date applied: July 9, 2021


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed User costing item import throwing an error if there are duplicate costing items already in the database
  • [JSV] Prioritize employee rates over team rates when looking up Sicon project rates
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where users with permission to self approve holiday cancellations would be unable to or need to manually approve after cancellation
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with requisition Stock Line entry when amending a unit quantity after manually overriding the unit price, which would override the unit price from the stock item
  • [RB] Fixed batch invoices not checking for existing invoice reference when updating the line
  • [JSV] Remove ‘Reject all’ column from proposed payment edit screen as redundant

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [JSV] Added support for team rate overrides for Siccon Project Rates
  • [JSV] Added ‘Approve all’ button to proposed payment view if the user is the approver

Date applied: June 28, 2021


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed planned purchases being converted to project requisitions losing the date and nominal code
  • [JSV] Fixed sub contractor order validating activity when activities not enabled in Sage setting
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Invoice and Suggested Payments approval page when [Approve invoices “Select All” checkbox…] setting is turned on and a user has permission to approve selected
    • It would lead to JavaScript errors, causing some data such as notes and approval history not to be loaded
    • All records would be approved rather than only the records on the current page
  • [RB] Added an allowable warning to WAP service to allow amendment of Batch/Serial numbered goods receipts
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Suggested Payment view where amendments to the Payment- or Payment Discount value would be reverted as soon as the detail section gets expanded
  • [JSV] Fixed HR courses not being sortable by date fields correctly in user’s HR screen
  • [JSV] Fixed planned purchase due date not updating project requisition line delivery date when converting
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with approval route mainenance where changing a route while system is configured to reset all approval routes on changes would not reset approval routes for Sicon Timesheets
  • [JSV] Fix activity not getting set when importing planned purchases
  • [JSV] Fixed bug on orderview page that caused the budget lines to load twice
  • [JSV] Improved the loading of budgets on order view pages by caching budget info for duplicate nominal and project lines on the same order
  • [JSV] Fixed Project summary including budget in the line totals when in Project Header Type view (project enquiry)
  • [JSV] Increased the size of the text boxes on the Project summary screen in project enquiry
  • [JSV] Warehouse nominal overrides will now delete existing warehouse entries that have not been previously modified when importing to ensure the data is refreshed
  • [JSV] Fix ‘requested by’ name not changing on project requisition when the ‘requested by’ id is changed
  • [RB] Resolved an issue where an amendment to delivery address in WAP would not be reflected in Sage
  • [RB] Resolved an when Approval Escalation is enabled and a Sage Connection is subsequently deleted, which would lead to a SQL connection error
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Requisition Stock entry where typing into the supplier detail would populate the Supplier Part number if available, but subsequent editing of the line would no longer retain the Part number, losing the part number on the line
  • [JSV] Fixed login hours being shown on the wrong date if set from SFDC. The start time is now used to get the day of the week
  • [JSV] Modified clock in lines to only save new records with a value when populating Sicon timesheets from a holiday request preventing lots of entries with zero value
  • [JSV] Fixed Expenses still showing for approval when the expense is deleted but the mileage line is not flagged as deleted
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when attempting to select a stock item on requisition entry which could cause no stock items to be returned
  • [JSV] Fixed attachments not showing on approval screen when PDF is invalid
  • [RB] Further improvements in Requisition Stock item entry related to Part number lookups
  • [JSV] Fix ‘User ID is not set’ error when performing a receipt from a notification link on the dashboard
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Approval history, Approval notifications and emails where fully approved absences would be reported as holiday requests
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Requisition imports where Job Manager would not be set on imported lines

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [RB] Approval route imports now supports Resetting Sicon Timesheet approval routes
  • [RB] Improved the speed of copying User nominals between users using the copy functionality with large amounts of User Nominal Value allocations
  • [JSV] Added ‘Project Level’ column to planned purchases grid
  • [JSV] Added a unit value 0 warning when selcting a stock item with zero value or setting a freetext with zero value on requisitions
  • [JSV] Allow buying unit to be editable on project requisition free text lines
  • [JSV] Clock in lines will look for a reason for leaving called ‘holiday’ when populating from a holiday request
  • [JSV] The system will now automatically attempt to display a pdf using adobe if the native display fails due to an invalid PDF
  • [JSV] Fixed object reference not set error when selecting a stock item that has no preferred supplier
  • [JSV] Added support for additional T&A users when using online licencing

Date applied: June 11, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [JSV] Fixed broken link to bank holiday tool from the bank holiday settings page
  • [JSV] Fixed holiday lines not correctly being added to Sicon timesheets (service errors adding sicon clockin line)
  • [RB] Resolved an issue on Expense Payroll reports which would lead to layout issue of buttons
  • [RB] Payroll process menu item will no longer lead to a pre-selection page, rather going directly to the applicable report
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Requisition Delivery address selection where changing to “Free Text” address would not clear previously populated address details
  • [JSV] Fix ‘object reference not set’ error when adding stock items to a new requisition template.
  • [JSV] Added validation to requisition template creation.
  • [JSV] Fix requisition template allowing requisition to be created from template with no nominal set
  • [JSV] Fixed requisition notes on a new requisition not being retained when editing an existing line
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Project Requisition entry where stock items would not be returned if the selected Product group isn’t selectable for Sales Orders
  • [RB] Resolved an issue when converting a SOP Quote to a Sales Order where the Generated Sales Order would still be handles as a Quote for the Approver
  • [RB] Resolved an issue that in some instances would cause approval links on dashboard to redirect to the current user’s latest timesheet rather than the approval page when using Sicon Timesheets

Date applied: May 11, 2021


New Features
New Features
  • [JSV] Added valuation date to previous valuations grid when adding a new supplier application valuation
  • [JSV] Supplier application valuations will follow approval standard approval routes, updating in Sage at every step
  • [JSV] Added error message when supplier application valuation is approved but cannot update in Sage
  • [RB] Layout change to user import/export section for easier navigation
  • [JSV] Added notes field to project requisition lines on entry and approval pages
  • [JSV] Added popup message to login to show if delegate user’s theme could not be loaded and the user needed to log in again
  • [JSV] If a nominal selection only has a single nominal it will be selected by default on Sales order and Requisition entry
  • [JSV] Added ‘Business Unit’ column to Holiday request report and detailed holiday request report
  • [JSV] The increment value that timesheet decimal entry buttons use can be set in the timesheet display settings
  • [JSV] Added decimal time fields to timesheet reports
  • [JSV] Added ‘Reset waiting lines’ button to Sicon timesheet page to allow only lines waiting for approval to be reset as apposed to the whole timesheet including approved lines
  • [JSV] Added ‘reset line’ button on Sicon timesheet/rapid timesheet page for users who have permission to edit timesheets that have been submitted
  • [RB] Quote specific settings are now moved to a new tab on Sales Order Settings for clarity
  • [RB] Added new visibility settings to Sales Order Quotes
    • Quote Header:
      • Customer Order Number
      • Requested Delivery Date
      • Promised Delivery Date
      • Grid New Unit Price
      • Grid Discount Value
      • Grid Discount Price
    • Quote Free Text
      • Selling Price Unit
      • Delivery Date
      • Tax Code
      • Discount Percent
      • Unit Cost
      • Nominal Detail Tab
    • Quote Stock Item
      • Tax Code
      • Unit Cost
      • Fulfillment Method
      • Nominal Detail Tab
      • Stock Movement Tab
  • [JSV] Added setting to allow project analysis codes to be seen and filtered by when using the user project allocation wizard (Sicon Projects)
  • [JSV] Reduced WAP Disk space requirements by removing unused Theme DLLs
  • [JSV] Added setting to not flag projects as over budget if the project has a zero budget
  • [JSV] Added Project hierarchy icon to show Phase, stage and activity to goods received screen
  • [RB] User experience improvements to Import forms
    • Selected files will now be retained after validation has been performed, rather than requiring the user to reselect the file
    • Closing import pages will now redirect users back to the page where the import request was originated
    • Added Close button to all import pages
    • Added “Import from CSV” option to User Type Allocation-, User Company Access- and User Department pages
  • [JSV] Removed ‘reset all lines’ on Timesheet page. Added a User Type permission for allow resetting Waiting lines
  • [RB] Requisitions in WAP are now marked as completed if the PO in Sage is completed after WAP performs a receipt
  • [RB] Added ability to filter approval route report by active users only.  By default this will filter out inactive users
  • [RB] When entering requisitions and selecting delivery address from supplier, users will now be able to manually override the Contact Name
  • [JSV] Added ability to copy custom approval routes to all invoice lines when editing a single route
  • [JSV] Added ability to validate Requisition line analysis codes on submit
  • [JSV] Added Date Created column to proposed payment approval page
  • [JSV] Total value summary and group value summaries to proposed payment approval page
  • [JSV] Allow proposed payment approval grid to be filtered and have custom layouts
  • [JSV] Main menu is now dynamic and held in the session once built. This should help with the responsiveness of all pages that show the menu
  • [JSV] Added phases and stages view selection for project enquiry budget tab
  • [RB] Added ability to allocate Supplier Filters per user
    • This Needs to be enabled in Requisitions System Settings and is off by default
    • Maintaining allocations needs to be enabled on a user type
  • [JSV] Added ‘Add new’ buttons to all ‘existing items’ pages
  • [JSV] Moved ‘Quick Holiday’ and ‘Quick absence’ to load in a new page to improve general page load times
  • [JSV] Added support for WebAPI security (user name and password per sage database)
  • [JSV] Added webapi address check to misc settings
  • [JSV] Added webapi security check to Sage connection settings
  • [JSV] Add more meaningful error messages to webAPI callbacks for supplier application and subcontractor order errors
  • [JSV] Moved Email and notifications to a separate settings screen
  • [JSV] Email setting now has a single button to check the entries
  • [JSV] Email setting has validation labels on all fields
  • [JSV] Added descriptions and hover overs to the mobile service address builder
  • [JSV] Prevent mobile service address builder displaying ‘null’ when no port number entered
  • [JSV] Warehouse nominal screen now updates the database entry when the line is updated
    • This means the save button is not required and has been removed
    • Changes are not accidentally removed by clicking ‘import’ before the lines are saved
  • [JSV] Approval validation will display a popup showing completed projects that can be copied and pasted
  • [JSV] Removed setting for ‘Hide Create proforma button’ for quotes
  • [JSV] Hide ‘options’ section for reprocessing timesheets on bankholiday and mandatory holidays for user types with a security level less than 5

Date applied: April 30, 2021