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Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with line numbers being out of order on Requisition Report Layouts. Requires adjustments of the labels on the Unit Price and Quantity sections in Report Layout Designer.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with an error appearing when running the Detailed Holiday Report.
  • [NA] Resolved an issue Expenses Attachments on the Sicon Approvals App not attaching and posting to Desktop Approvals. This was happening on Expenses with a large amount of lines.

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • [RB] Increased the character limit within Sicon Approvals tables to accommodate Sage Companies with long database names.
  • [RB] Added a download button to the Expense Voucher screen.
  • [JS] Added the ability to enlarge the boxes for Job Number and Description within the Projects View screen.
  • [JS] Update the Expense pages User Interface.

Date applied: November 15, 2023