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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with HR Document Logs showing Documents for all users, regardless if they were not a HR Administrator. Now it will only show logs relevant to the current user and only show all logs if they have the HR Admin User Type permission.
  • [RB] Resolved an Issue with the system no longer selecting the Project Headers Default Nominal code on Requisition entry at line level. Now the Default Nominals set at Project level will match what has been set in Sicon Projects for the Project Headers.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with .odt Attachments not being visible in Document Type Approval screens.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Excel attachments on Invoices linked to Suggested/Proposed Payments not coming into Sicon Approvals for Approval.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Default Project on Requisition not showing on PO when posted to Sage.

Date applied: April 21, 2023