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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with the Sicon Approvals (WAP) Service Hot Updating Sage Project Accounting Timesheets when a site is now using Sicon Projects.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with being able to Submit an Invoice for a On Hold Supplier in Sage. You can no longer do this but you are still allowed to Save the Invoice. However, as per Standard Sage you can still Approve an Invoice even when the Supplier is On Hold.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with on Invoice entry where you would encounter a page timeout when connecting using HTTPS.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue with Billed/Self billed Transactions getting amended when amending other lines on a Timesheet. Also, posting reposting Timesheets with to Journaled Transactions will cause the Timesheet to go into ‘Failed’.

Date applied: March 6, 2023