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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • [LP] Fixed issue with Timesheet TOIL and Overtime report missing Timesheet ID on exporting to Excel.
  • [LP] Fixed issue with users in same business unit being unable to see each others Absence requests.
  • [RB] Fixed efficiency issues with the Credit Card Statement import. It now imports much quicker and is able to handle more lines.
  • [RB] Resolved an issue in the Invoice Approval screen where the “Approve Selected” tick boxes would not approve any Invoices, if there are Invoices on hold in the grid.
  • [RB] Fixed the ‘Copy’ button in the Timesheets screen not copying the Timesheet to the specified Week Commencing date.
  • [NFS] Fixed an issue in the Expense Line Payroll Report where the wrong Grid View ID was set on the grid view exported which resulted in empty export files.
  • [NFS] Resolved a display issue with the buttons on the Expense Line Mileage Payroll Report.
  • [NFS] Added paging to the grid view on the Expense Line Mileage Payroll Report. This increases the Memory limitation rendering 5000+ lines on the page.

Date applied: November 15, 2022