Shop Floor Data Capture v20

The Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture App links to both the Sicon Works Order Processing and Job Costing modules to allow realtime capture of Operation progress and elapsed times. With the option of creating a route card with barcodes for each operation you are able to simply scan on and off an operation to capture the elapsed time and update the progress of the operations within each of these Sicon products.

Release notes:

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Important Info

Sicon Add-On requirements:

  • Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture Release v20.0.0 or greater
  • Sicon Common Components Release v20.0.0 or greater
  • Either:
    • Sicon Manufacturing Release v20.0.0 or greater for works order operation time capture
    • Sicon Projects Release v20.0.0 or greater for projects operation time capture

New Features
  • ¬†Add extra materials to a works order (This will allocate and issue traceable and non-traceable materials)
  • Works order details page now shows more details, comments and current area etc. and operations now in separate tab
  • Works order detail page now has a materials tab to show works order materials and quantities
  • Auto logout feature to logout a user from the app after a set time
  • New cleaner UI look and layout

Issues Resolved
  • Works order area now updated when completing an operation
  • App now uses Sicon timesheets to record the time allowing Sage user to edit times for a users timesheet and the time is reflected within the app
  • Menu items for Job Costing (Projects) being removed in Sage when installing SFDC
  • No longer able to log in with deleted users
  • Only companies accessible by the web API user will be available to select
  • Resolved issue with deleting an operation on a Works Order causing an error

Date applied: March 30, 2020