Shop Floor Data Capture v19.2

The Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture App links to both the Sicon Works Order Processing and Job Costing modules to allow realtime capture of Operation progress and elapsed times. With the option of creating a route card with barcodes for each operation you are able to simply scan on and off an operation to capture the elapsed time and update the progress of the operations within each of these Sicon products.

Release notes:

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Important Info

Sicon Add-On requirements:

  • Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture Release v192.0.0 or greater.
  • Sicon Common Components Release v192.0.0 or greater.
  • Sicon Manufacturing Release v192.0.0 or greater to use Works Order time capture.
  • Sicon Job Costing Release v192.0.0 or greater to use Job Costing time capture.
  • Sicon Web API v192.0.0 or greater.

New Features
  • Job Costing – App now can be used to capture time against Job Costing operations.
  • Work Pattern Rate Option (JC) – When enabled will determine the timesheet cost rate according to the users work pattern setup with the user having to manually select a rate.
  • Operation notes – Each operation can now have a comment added/edited to notify users of any operation related notes.
  • Security – Web API has new security features to authenticate methods from SFDC app.

Issues Resolved
  • Non-Conformance – Attribute list was not filtering out deleted lists
  • Work Orders with multiple quantities issues resolved. Estimated time and total operation count were incorrect
  • ‘Labour Only’ option now returns the correct estimated time and operation count
  • Timesheet was not being populated if Timesheet had not already been created
  • Timesheet line quantity field was not being populated
  • Work Order times were being collected from the BOM operation times. Now being collected from the WO so now editable per WO
  • Splashscreen – Splash logo not displaying correctly on multiple devices.
  • Icons – Icons not displaying on some older devices

Date applied: November 25, 2019