Distribution v21.1

Sicon Distribution Manager is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. Fully integrated with the Sage 200 Stock and Order Processing modules. Designed to manage the requirements of distribution organisation’s to improve costing, reduce stock holdings, manage seasonal trends, increase telesales productivity and incorporate sales forecasting within future stock projections and suggested purchase order creation.

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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Desktop list speed improvements for the POP and SOP line lists, previously not paging correctly
  • Fix when adding or updating container line quantities and it would incorrectly recalculate the total weight and volume of the line… Issue with lines with multiple units of measure
  • Fix for duplicate lines being created on the SiconDistPOPOrderReturnLine table

Date applied: May 26, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for the ‘Stock Replenishment’ screen when attempting to adjust the transfer quantities [“Index was out of range”]
  • Added better validation when selecting a sales or purchase contract to use on a sales order line and the user would select a larger quantity than what is remaining on the contract line and this would send the contract line into a minus
  • Correctly not close the contract selection form is there is a validation error
  • Fix when loading the contract select screen [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix to correctly update the quantity when adding traceable lines from a sales order template and the user updates the quantity that the lines should be multiplied by
  • Fix for stock replenishment when drilling down to change quantities and after the first drilldown it wouldn’t display anything
  • Corrected displaying lines that can’t be replenished in red (Occurred when available quantity is 0)
  • Fix when using a contract line on a purchase order and the user was loading which contract line to select [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix when selecting a sales contract and closing the screen but it would still link to a contract
  • Fix when generating sales orders from Sicon Stock Reserves with traceable item but select traceable numbers are selected at despatch [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix for the ‘Unit Price’ column on a sales order when viewing the quantities and it would multiply the unit price with the line quantity and give an incorrect figure

Date applied: May 19, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for using Sicon Stock Reserves on Sales Orders when the quantities get fulfilled from multiple bins [“the quantity entered is greater than the free stock at the location”]
  • Fix for stock inspections with preallocations and when an item is received with a preallocation that requires inspection, if that item fails then the sales order is allocated to the failed warehouse which might not be ticked to be used for trading and stock will then be stuck
  • Fix to only update the ‘Unit Buying Price’ if supplier quantity breaks have been used… Issue where unit of measure changes were not updating the price
  • Fix when creating warehouse replenishment group without highlighting a group before adding a warehouse [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix when using the “Distribution” button on ‘Manage SOP Back Orders screen and no screens would load when on the ‘Unallocate’ tab

Date applied: April 21, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to enable and disable the ‘Delete Line’ button correctly on a Sicon Stock Reserve when one of the lines is completed
  • Fix for generating stock matrix items, set the max length of the commodity code 10… Issue where it would say it has generated stock items when in fact it had not
  • Fix to not save lines when a warehouse hasn’t been set or quantity when creating a Sicon reserve stock line
  • Corrected spelling of ‘Details’ when adding a Sicon Stock Reserve Line
  • Fix when selecting a stock item on Sicon reserve Stock line and it would not enable the controls on the screen

Date applied: April 13, 2022


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for setting the correct current container status and next status when changing tracking dates on a container
  • Fix to apply Sicon customer codes when adding new sales order lines from “Add Historical Lines” and “Copy Order Line”
  • Fix to make sure the generated stock item names are not longer than 60 characters long… Issue when the user would generate stock items and it would not generating anything but display that the items have been created
  • Fix to exclude deleted preallocations on the POP line list

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Preallocated quantities can be exported on the purchase order header grid
  • Preallocations can be created from a purchase order header

Date applied: April 7, 2022


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to only open the Distribution stock settings import if the user has sub modules enabled that are relevant to the import
  • Fix to create the stock item price band if it does not exist when updating price band prices from ‘Add Historical Lines’ [“Stock item price band X does not exist”]
  • Fix do not set the SOP fulfilment method of a sales order line when adding lines through telesales, instead allow Sage to set this value
  • Fix to assign a description to generated stock items through the stock matrix
  • Fix when using landed costs that specific to warehouses and on the purchase order line it would still calculate using all landed costs values. This would also happen for the provisional landed cost values displayed on the bottom grid for landed costs
  • Fix when apportioning by volume [“Specified argument was out of the range of valid values”]
  • Fix on container manager when saving a purchase order line [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix when attempting to save a container with a quantity of 0 the user will get informed and it will still save to quantity as 0 when it should not
  • Fix for associating a purchase order line with a container and then associating it with a container. The user then part receives this container line and then goes to adjust the quantity for the container and it errors [“Cannot set the value of field (.StockUnitOnOrderQuantity) to -x.00000”]
  • Fix when adding historical purchase order lines to allow the user to reduce to maximum level or continue to add the line
  • Fix to correctly update the quantity for container when amending purchase order lines or receiving purchase order lines through Sage. Container lines will now be removed if the quantity for container goes to 0
  • Fix to update the correct amount landed cost when saving a purchase order line and not closing and reopening the screen
  • Fix when sorting columns when adding a container line or on the container summary screen and it would overwrite the existing value with the previous value that was there

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the ‘Export with Sicon’ option on the POP order form so that supplier part numbers get exported in the grid
  • Added the customisable grid to the ‘Add Historical POP Lines’ so that the user can see the maximum level

Date applied: March 25, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to update the ‘QuantityForContainer’ field when a purchase order is linked to a container received through Sage ‘Confirm Goods Received’ screen
  • Fix to group sales and purchase contracts lines when they are imported by the contract name
  • Fix to create entries on SiconDistPOPOrderReturn when purchase orders are created from MRP otherwise reporting on fields like ‘Confirmed’ do not report these orders without opening the purchase order
  • Fix when viewing archived sales orders [“Object Reference Error”]

Date applied: February 3, 2022


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed an issue with the AllocatedQuantity on the WarehouseItem not updating correctly all other tables updated correctly when converting a proforma to a sales order and then using a Sicon Reserve Stock line to allocate the sales order line
  • Fix when splitting container lines through container manager and the quantity on the RequestedDeliveryDate table would not update correctly
  • Fix to increase the size of the ‘Item Balance’ form otherwise the bin grid gets lost off the screen
  • Corrected the spelling of ‘Purchase’ when adding a container line
  • Corrected a spelling mistake on the ‘Unresolved Problem’ message box
  • Fix to prompt users for superseded items on SOP telesales screen
  • Fix to populate the ‘Warehouse Management (Stock Transfer)’ settings… Issue where it would appear that the settings weren’t saving
  • Fix when saving a container with tracking and the user confirms tracking up to the last tracking and they would experience an error [“Specified argument was out of the range of valid values”]
  • Fixed an issue when the user would select to use a contract price for a traceable stock item and then save the order… Open the order line again and update the quantity save the order and then it would cause allocations to be removed. This would leave an allocation on the allocation table and BinItem table but not update the WarehouseItem table
  • Fix for sales contract history being displayed as ‘TBA’ when being linked to a new sales order line

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • New web API method to update multiple landed costs in one go

Date applied: January 28, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to generate the correct stock transfer when filtering by ‘Only display items with shortages’
  • Fix for ‘Manage SOP Back Orders’ screen when the user would enter a quantity to allocate then check that line without leaving the quantity to allocate textbox and then it would validate this twice and display a message for it not being able to be allocated

Date applied: December 24, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix on the shipping tab on a sales order when the user would enter a non decimal character into the weight text box and would get stuck in a loop [“Total weight must be decimal”]
  • Fix when viewing the monthly trading figures usage screen when coming from the Calculate Min stock screen this will now use the corrects dates and match what is being used in the calculation ie 3 month calc will show usage from today – 3 months whereas before it would run from the 1st of the month
  • Fix for displaying the correct amount of lost orders when coming from the min stock calculation screen, previously it would run from the 1st instead of -3 month to the date run
  • Fix corrected the base form for the ‘Change Fulfilment’ method screen to be the preallocation form not the SOPManagement
  • Fix when creating transfers from the ‘Stock Replenishment’ screen and it would add incorrect items to the created transfer
  • Fix corrected the base form for the ‘Sage to Sicon SO Fulfilment’ screen to be the preallocation form not the SOPManagement
  • Fix when printing acknowledgments from the view SOP order screen and there would be sales order/quotes or proformas with the same document number and it would print all the documents rather than just the sales order
  • Fix when setting a line date on a purchase order with no delivery date on the ‘POP Expected Delivery Dates’ screen [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Check to make sure the purchase order line has saved before creating container links otherwise the linked POPOrderReturnLIneID will be stored as null and display as ‘TBA’ on the container
  • Fix to increase the months in the calculate min stock calculation when using specific dates and the “to” date is the last day of the month to increase the months in the calculation by 1
  • Fix to get the correct start date for the usage screen when viewing 1 year and 2 year drilldown
  • Fix to ignore completed preallocations when on the ‘Manage SOP Back Orders’ screen
  • Fix when using the “Details” button on a sales order and then changing the address and these changes wouldn’t be reflected on the sales order

Date applied: December 15, 2021


New Features Important
Important Info


New Features
  • CONTAINER MANAGER – New POP order line desktop added to the menu structure
  • SOP MANAGEMENT and POP MANAGEMENT – New columns in ‘On Order Details’ screen to display the ‘Free Stock Qty’ and the ‘ Preallocated Qty’
  • SOP MANAGEMENT – New warehouse filter added to the ‘Usage Analysis’ tab on ‘Monthly Trading Figures’ screen
  • SOP MANAGEMENT – Ability to restrict sales order allocation based on customer customer stock batch attribute requirements

Date applied: November 15, 2021