Construction v22

Sicon Construction is a set of add-on modules for Sage 200, based around the well-established Sicon Job Costing module to capture costs from purchase orders, purchase invoices, stock issues, cash transactions and labour to create reliable and accurate costings linked directly to transactions processed within Sage 200. Handling CIS, CITB, Applications, Retentions and Valuations and Payments.

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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix project level not retained in project when processing supplier application/valuation/invoice.
  • Fixed ‘Index out of range’ error when clicking pay now on a suggested payment when opening from the suggested payments workspace.
  • Fixed duplication of displayed data in retentions ledger if project in filters selected.
  • Fix for Issue with Generate missing CIS when the invoice is in suggested payments.
  • Fixed CIS calculations on PL rapid Invoice screen when using nominal CIS rules.

Date applied: February 7, 2024


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • 100% material CIS postings using PostDeductionsForPLTransaction End point should create a SiconCISAudit record.
  • Changing a customer/supplier on an application should now repost nominals as an adjustment.
  • Fixed CIS calculation issue when using CIS nominals and deducting retentions.
  • Fixed reconciliation error in projects when deleting retention line from an application.
  • improved validation if Free text order numbers are enabled and DocumentNo supplied is null.
  • Customer Application Import valuation discount not calculating the same as Application

Date applied: January 24, 2024


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Customer Applications Import not taking into account discount line on valuations.
  • Error when trying to create an application from subcontract PO for negative value.
  • Changing customer on the application does not update the customer on the Application and Retention lines in Project enquiry.
  • Valuation reversal postings when posting invoices will use transaction date rather than due date.
  • Disabled fields on customer applications unless project and customer code inputted.

Date applied: January 10, 2024


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Subcontract Application – Invoice No. extended to 20 characters
  • Enabled the Invoice narrative on Retention release valuation
  • When printing OB valuation, the pop up box should show ‘confirm credit note details’ in message
  • Changing customer on application will now update the Retentions customer
  • Fixed ‘Cash book account specified…’ error on reversing credit valuation
  • Fixed Error when posting invoice with CITB and the CITB Nominal settings have not been configured

Date applied: December 12, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Tick box changed on applications tab on supplier. Unticked will allow both PO and construction SC orders. Ticked will restrict to construction SC orders only.
  • Deleting an application with a discount nominal line should post a reverse application discount transaction into projects.
  • Fixed Outstanding calculation on applications on legacy application screens if retention released.
  • Removed Labour percentage and labour only from RCT set up and posting.
  • Retention field on the application gets stuck when the number has a comma in it
  • Remove the Duplicate check on Site Identifier No, when adding a RCT contract
  • Fixed looping issue on valuation nominals when tabbing

Date applied: November 29, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error on applications retention ledger
  • Fixed duplication of retentions on Application drill down on project enquiry
  • Fixed ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ error when allocations are missing/deleted.
  • Added more details in the history when deleting sales/Purchase order lines
  • Application drill downs added to Project enquiry transaction totals drill down.

Date applied: November 23, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • New WebAPI methods for getting retentions and releasing SL/PL retentions
  • Construction SO & PO – add more details in the history

Issues Resolved
  • Better validation added to legacy application screens on deleting applications to check they are not allocated to valuations
  • Amending project header on application retention line should display previous project header for reversal postings.
  • CITB should be deducted from CIS first when using nominal codes method for labour calculation.
  • Health check tool to recreate project transaction for recognise on applications should only create application transactions and not retention and valuation.
  • Unable to reverse/delete Application in same month as originally generated

Date applied: October 13, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed error on CIS supplier details import where it was wrongly validating partnership UTR when its blank.
  • Unit price text box will not be disabled on construction sales order line if the applied for value has been reversed back to zero.
  • Fixed ‘SiconSalesOrderLine not found’ error when the order line has been cleared and deleted.
  • Default tax code applied to project should be used on new applications, valuations and construction sales orders.
  • View sales order should load retentions tab in view only.
  • Total should load on retentions tab on sales order if in view mode.
  • Fixed total calculation error on Construction sales orders.

Date applied: September 25, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features Important
Important Info
  • Update Companies Required

New Features
  • Receipt totals included on customer application ledger totals.

Issues Resolved
  • Adding retention to invoicing order will now ignore the error ‘The goods total and VAT totals must be zero or greater’ when lines on the order are zero VAT rate but the default on the customer
  • Deleting opening balance valuation should also incude retention lines in confirm nominal postings.
  • Filters will nolonger clear when project changed on application ledgers
  • Fixed ‘Index was out of range’ error when selecting a transaction from the purchase transaction enquiry related to a retention.
  • Print SL valuations will now be filtered by customer

Date applied: September 1, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Changes to Health checker when using recognise on Application mode.
  • Stopped retention tab loading on save causing slow down of saving a sales order.
  • Validation error message added when releasing a retention on an application but the customer/supplier, project or project header doesn’t have a nominal configured.
  • Amending application date should use the previous date for the reverse postings in the nominal adjustment.
  • Fixed error on doing a mix of invoices and credits in the generate missing CIS screen.

Date applied: August 14, 2023


Issues Resolved Important
Important Info
  • Update companies required

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed some calculation issues in the application health checker
  • Application ledger should only show retentions relating to applications and not from the sage ledgers
  • Removed APP from stocktype on project transactions
  • Nominals should not be posted when deleting opening balance valuation allocated to an opening balance application
  • Clicking Populate from outstanding on a valuation using old application screen will now pop up the nominal selection form

Date applied: July 20, 2023


Issues Resolved Important
Important Info
  • Update companies Required

Issues Resolved
  • Construction health checker will now consider invoice values if recognised on Invoice
  • Changing the Project header on the retention nominal line on applications shouldnt change the nominal set
  • Retentions should display correctly on customer transaction enquiry if generated from a credit note in the invoicing module.
  • Fixed ‘Object not set error’ when copying an invoice from the invoicing module with a retention line.
  • Changing the date on confirm nominal postings should also change the ‘reversal’ postings highlighted in blue
  • Added some more total fields on application ledger to display outstanding invoiced on valuations and applications

Date applied: June 30, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • New logic added to default supplier on new application or valuation transactions

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed issue with application cumulative totals when changing the application date
  • Fixed cumulative retention value on applications if retentions have been part released.
  • Block put in for reversing a SL transaction if it has retention. It will ask the user to do it manually so the retention is also generated.
  • Invoice recognition valuation allocation will use the valuation date if the valuation is new. Adjustments to the allocation will use todays date.
  • Fixed issue with application discount lines going missing when rebalancing projects

Date applied: June 13, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Control nominal setting Added to CIS settings for Sales CIS

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed Divide by zero error when amending a retention release allocation on Invoice recognition.
  • Validation added on printing OB valuations to make sure the Document no is unique.
  • Fixed issue with attachments tab not appearing on amend orders if opened from the desktop list.

Date applied: June 5, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Application Project Totals Health Checker added

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error printing PL valuation from an invoice line in the ledger
  • Disabled buttons on Customer/Supplier Applications screen until project selected
  • Payment date on retention release will now default with payment terms logic from trader
  • Payment date on a retention release valuation should now be enabled
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error on valuation with populated nominals and exchange rate (Application recognised)

Date applied: May 19, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Removed lock on showing completed lines on sales order application generation so you can post a negative.
  • New columns added to sales and subcontract order import to specify opening balance valuation value.
  • Stopped default Project level being recreated when adding a new application or valuation
  • Application and Outstanding values on the valuation screen will be displayed in the currency of the selected customer or supplier

Date applied: May 2, 2023


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • New view added to application ledger to show nominal links if populated from outstanding application nominals.
  • Currency Lookup added to Application Ledgers to calculate postings in the currency selected. (will change currency on the project)

Issues Resolved
  • Maintain Exchange rates will now correctly post nominal adjustments for application, Valuation and Retentions
  • Database upgrade routine added to populate application nominal type as ‘Gross’ is they are null because of older versions.
  • Restriction to posting valuation invoices when not fully allocated has been removed when Recognising on Application.
  • Fixed ‘Out of memory’ exception on generating applications from sales orders with large amount of lines
  • Fixed some rounding issues on populate outstanding using retentions. Any Rounding differences will be added as a separate line to balance.

Date applied: March 20, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Nominal postings with movements between applications and valuations should use correct exchange rate. recognition on application will also post exchange rate differences.
  • Narrative will now contain original invoice number if reversed valuation is posted.
  • Added progress bar to loading of populate from outstanding screen on a valuation
  • Fixed Issue with exchange rate not updating on applications list

Date applied: February 17, 2023


Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • fixed cumulative retention calculation on application screen
  • Subcontactor PO line should only show the Cost Project headers
  • Fixed rounding issue causing allocation window to appear on save for valuations created through populate outstanding
  • Reversing an Valuation using Recognition on Applications (Supplier) – should now use the date used on the nominal selection instead of todays date.
  • Supplier application import should post nominals for any valuation values included
  • Fixed issue when posting Credit Note where SL and PL have the same invoice number
  • Changing of a sales or subcontract order line will now be disabled if the line has been applied for

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • You can now edit nominal allocation and retention on valuations created through Populate outstanding
  • Invoice nominals will now pop up on posting invoices for valuations and reversals
  • Written off retentions now added to Application ledger totals pop up
  • New filters added to applications ledgers including date range and trading account
  • Added display to prompt when raising a Supplier valuation if the supplier is CIS registered and no labour value or % has been entered

Date applied: February 6, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Order lines that have not been despatched should not display on the generate applications screen.
  • Application postings with Invoice recognition will now show pop ups to display nominals it will post for the user to confirm
  • Expiry or no licence key messages should display on all construction menu options
  • Change to application totals popup to show application retentions and Retentions Outstanding (maybe also Retentions Released)
  • Fixed issue when reversing a valuation and raising a new one, the populate outstanding button is not displaying the reversed valuation values
  • Application import with opening balance valuations will now use the second reference as the invoice number
  • CIS deduction fields will now be enabled for retention release valuations even if using CIS nominals
  • Multiple customers/suppliers will not be allowed to be picked on retention releases

Date applied: January 17, 2023


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed issue with incorrect indexes assigned on moving sales order lines up and down
  • Valuations will not be allowed to be corrected or reversed in the SL and PL ledgers
  • Fixed issue with nominal lookups in CIS settings not allowing you to clear and leave
  • Retention project transactions posted from SOP should be visible on the project enquiry and not use application recognition rules
  • Validation added to Application imports to not allow zero value nominal lines
  • A Release date can now be specified when doing a retention release.

Date applied: December 16, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed issue with Valuation Invoices with CIS split on nominals not posting correctly to the audit.
  • Added validation on application imports for project header type and nominal
  • Reverse button will be disabled for Opening balance valuations. Instead they will need to be deleted
  • Fixed issue with URN being set as invoiced value on PL Valuations

Date applied: November 25, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to display allocated retention releases in the project enquiry correctly when recognised on invoice
  • Fixed exchange rate calculation on payments in CIS return which have receipts allocated to them
  • Applications wont be allowed to be deleted if its retentions have been released or written off

Date applied: November 12, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • New columns added to Sales and subcontract order imports for creating opening balance applications and valuations

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed ‘Object not set error’ on Application ledger if invoice postings have been Archived
  • Retention release tax code should come from the tax code selected on the application nominal it is created from
  • Payment date terms will now be applied to application and valuation payment due dates
  • Tax code will be amendable on retention release valuations recognised on application.
  • Recognise on Invoice misc invoice transactions for opening balance should have a value
  • Changes made to X table addin for older unsupported sage versions to fix ‘TransactionEnquiryView defines a SQL query that uses aggregate functionality’ error

Date applied: November 4, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed CIS validation error when posting subcontractor valuation invoice and CIS settings not configured.
  • Cleared Details tab if ledger list is emptied after delete.
  • Form should clear down correctly on saving new sales or subcontract order.
  • Invoice Recognition retention releases will now default to the project override instead of retention sales on the valuation and the nominal line will be amendable.
  • Update routines shouldn’t run if applications are not enabled.
  • Nominal confirmation will now occur when generating applications from orders.
  • Opening balance retentions can now be created for opening balance retentions.
  • Cumulative retention should show for the subcontractor not the whole project on adding an application.

Date applied: October 20, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • When releasing a Retention the nominal cost centre and department overrides on the project should be used on display for the valuation.
  • Enhanced totals on application ledgers to show more total values via a pop up window.

Date applied: September 23, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features Important
Important Info
  • Update companies required

New Features
  • Added a setting to be able to control the default Billing method to be set on the Construction Tab within Creating a new project
  • Added Select/Unselect all buttons to the generate application screens in Sales and subcontract orders
  • Added Opening balance valuation option to PL applications import

Issues Resolved
  • Performance improvements made to supplier applications if CIS calculations are based on nominals
  • Fixed CIS Invoice for a currency subcontractor display on CIS return

Date applied: September 16, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Project levels on the nominal analysis of the Application should match what is selected on entry
  • Added a Sales order/Purchase Order tab to Application lines on the Application Ledger
  • Created a prompt for adding a miscellaneous invoice line to the project when adding an opening balance valuation
  • Fixed Nominal postings when deleting an application
  • Projects setting ‘Display applications as actual’ to now be controlled by the values are recognised setting in applications (when set to application)

Date applied: September 9, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error on application ledger when ledger control account uses CC and dept overrides from the trader
  • Deleting an OB application should now clear it from the Project

Date applied: August 26, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Made a change to valuation allocation to block changes if ‘Populate outstanding’ was previously used.
  • Show completed lines’ should show completed plus the outstanding order lines
  • The nominal analysis total does not match transaction net value – when reversing the valuation
  • When releasing a retention form an old style application and values recognised on application. Only new type of retention nominals should be posted. Retention Debtors nominal will also be displayed on the valuation.

Date applied: August 20, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed issue not allowing valuation to be reversed
  • Printing Invoice from Customer Application Ledger – Add invoice number in the message

Date applied: July 22, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Replaced Allocations tab on applications ledger with ‘Applications’, ‘Valuations’, ‘Retentions’ and ‘Invoices’ tabs to show all linked objects with more detail
  • New format of totals displayed on a construction sales order

Issues Resolved
  • The ‘Retention’ column on the Construction SO will now be populated from the Application retention not the Valuation retentions

Date applied: July 15, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added clear allocated button to valuation populate outstanding screen
  • Added double click function to populate outstanding grid to fill allocated value

Issues Resolved
  • Changing nominal codes on an application should post corrections to the nominal ledger.
  • Valuation allocation adjustments to old applications not recognised on application will nolonger post nominal transactions
  • Print button on application screen and application ledger screen should be the same and recalculate the same.
  • Corrected Application outstanding calculations on multiple valuations with a retention release

Date applied: July 8, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • changed ‘Object not set error’ on delete application if a project transaction not found
  • Reversed Retention releases shouldnt appear on the project enquiry
  • Added paging to list to load the Sales Order screen faster

Issues Resolved
  • Reversed Retention releases shouldnt appear on the project enquiry

Date applied: July 2, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Project levels column added to populate outstanding on valuations

Issues Resolved
  • Change made to Application correction routine and rebalance projects to create application project transactions for retention release applications
  • Un-allocating a valuation with nominals previously linked to application nominals will now be cleared.

Date applied: June 24, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Adding retention type and retention type search to retention history screen
  • Adding labour value into deductions line on Rapid PL invoices
  • Populate outstanding on valuation attempted to divide by zero error
  • Retention total not showing correctly in add application screen
  • Applications Ledger view when releasing retentions not showing correctly in outstanding columns.
  • Retention Import should only allow Retention type 1 of ‘Works’ or ‘Materials’ not ‘Material’

Date applied: June 17, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Divide by zero error when generating payment cert
  • Application Retentions Ledger to also show Retentions with a AppLineID
  • Retentions due dates not being pulled through to valuation window
  • Fixed Date error when deleting a valuation

Date applied: June 17, 2022