Construction v21.1

Sicon Construction is a set of add-on modules for Sage 200, based around the well-established Sicon Job Costing module to capture costs from purchase orders, purchase invoices, stock issues, cash transactions and labour to create reliable and accurate costings linked directly to transactions processed within Sage 200. Handling CIS, CITB, Applications, Retentions and Valuations and Payments.

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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed issue not allowing valuation to be reversed
  • Printing Invoice from Customer Application Ledger – Add invoice number in the message

Date applied: July 22, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Replaced Allocations tab on applications ledger with ‘Applications’, ‘Valuations’, ‘Retentions’ and ‘Invoices’ tabs to show all linked objects with more detail

Issues Resolved
  • The ‘Retention’ column on the Construction SO will now be populated from the Application retention not the Valuation retentions

Date applied: July 15, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added clear allocated button to valuation populate outstanding screen
  • Added double click function to populate outstanding grid to fill allocated value

Issues Resolved
  • Changing nominal codes on an application should post corrections to the nominal ledger.
  • Valuation allocation adjustments to old applications not recognised on application will nolonger post nominal transactions
  • Print button on application screen and application ledger screen should be the same and recalculate the same.
  • Corrected Application outstanding calculations on multiple valuations with a retention release

Date applied: July 8, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Reversed Retention releases shouldnt appear on the project enquiry

Date applied: July 2, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Project levels column added to populate outstanding on valuations

Issues Resolved
  • Change made to Application correction routine and rebalance projects to create application project transactions for retention release applications
  • Un-allocating a valuation with nominals previously linked to application nominals will now be cleared.

Date applied: June 24, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Adding retention type and retention type search to retention history screen
  • Adding labour value into deductions line on Rapid PL invoices
  • Populate outstanding on valuation attempted to divide by zero error
  • Retention total not showing correctly in add application screen
  • Applications Ledger view when releasing retentions not showing correctly in outstanding columns.
  • Retention Import should only allow Retention type 1 of ‘Works’ or ‘Materials’ not ‘Material’

Date applied: June 17, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Divide by zero error when generating payment cert
  • Application Retentions Ledger to also show Retentions with a AppLineID
  • Retentions due dates not being pulled through to valuation window
  • Fixed Date error when deleting a valuation
  • Construction Application Import to validate default project header set for retentions

Date applied: June 13, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • added project filter to retention history screen
  • Adding Retention type columns and search to retention history

Issues Resolved
  • stopped valuations posting retentions if they are not allocated to applications and posting invoice.
  • Fixed issue with imported applications not being marked as opening balance
  • changed exceptions for message boxes on validation of valuations
  • Billing method not saving correctly / Import picking up deleted Job
  • Fixed errors when importing multiple Construction Applications
  • Batch transaction setting wrong labour value
  • Fixed Resetting of nominal lines when tabbing through in Supplier Application

Date applied: May 26, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Changing labels from Job to Projects on import templates
  • Object not set reference error when releasing retentions
  • Default analysis codes should be set on new construction orders and applications
  • New routines added to rebuild project transaction structure for applications
  • Fixed object not set error on checking project is not completed on quotes with no project set
  • Batch transaction credit note entry not creating invoice correctly

Date applied: May 12, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Retention percentages increased to 7dp on applications and valuations
  • Exporting to excel error on application retention ledger
  • Adding date picker to select date when writing off retentions for applications

Date applied: April 25, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed error when reversing valuations with posted invoice
  • Fixed ‘Object not set error’ on populate outstanding if CIS is set to manual deductions
  • Discrepancy between retentions ledger and job enquiry values when apply discount first not set on applications
  • Subcontract order line project transactions should use the line date if set instead of the order header date

Date applied: April 4, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Discount should be removed from application nominal gross lines if application is recognised on invoice
  • Completed project checks will now validate on applications and orders
  • Fixed issue with reverse charge VAT being recorded on CITB audit which could throw out CIS calculations
  • Fixed ‘(Sage.Accounting.Stock.TransactionHistory, ), as the object has been deleted’ error on saving a Sales order line
  • Replaced error with message of only one activity exists on project on application forecast tab
  • Fixed rounding and reconciliation error on sales order applications

Date applied: March 28, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added opening balance columns to application imports

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed error when deleting a nominal code from sage
  • Sales order import PSA duplicating first line fix
  • Total deducted value not changing/calculating correctly fix
  • The value must be zero or greater than zero when trying to Reverse Valuation with credit note.
  • Fixed allocated calculation on applications ledger
  • Changes made to nominal postings when trying to allocate to an old application that used recognise on Invoice method.

Date applied: March 21, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed polarity of retention postings on amending an application
  • Separate journals will be posted for applications if the posting date is changed
  • Speed issue with moving up and down sales order list
  • Fixed populate outstanding setting lines as 0 on valuation
  • Added back RCT enabled/disabled integration function

Date applied: March 11, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • changed discount percentage to 5 dp on projects construction tab
  • Fixed issue with application/valuation negative nominal line setting tax as positive when tabbing off it.
  • Nominals should post when releasing retentions from the release retention button on applications ledgers
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error when allocating a valuation that was once allocated to a deleted application

Date applied: March 7, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Project enquiry retentions view should display all related retentions (not using SiconRetentionJCJobList table)
  • Fixing sales order import not showing despatched value on sales order
  • Adding message box to check user wants to continue when applied for amount is greater than received
  • Fixed CITB not allocating to original transaction when posted.
  • Move up / down button de-selecting and moving to the top of the list bug fix
  • Fixed CIS search error on retention release when the invoice/credit note URN is 0 (opening balance)
  • Adding released and outstanding amount to application ledger

Date applied: February 28, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  •  Valuation allocation will now split out retention releases to help calculate application outstanding totals

Issues Resolved
  • Allow adding Negative values to retention values on valuations
  • Fixed project lookup on retentions form not filtering correctly
  • CITB tax should be applied to applicable retention release deductions.
  • Fixed issue with nominal posting when application is originally posted the old way but updating the new way. It should still use the old way.
  • Fixed an issue in the retentions messaging service where it was firing the wrong message source

Date applied: February 21, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Loading first Items CIS tab in PL transaction enquiry if first item has a green tick
  • Fixed ‘historicaltransactionsList could not be found’ error

Date applied: February 16, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added new tick box on an application to set it as an opening balance which will not do nominal postings.

Issues Resolved
  • Columns added to application retention ledger for outstanding amount and previous released amount
  • Converting a sales order Quote to a sales order should create project postings.
  • Updated Sales Application Web API methods to automatically create retention and discount lines
  • Quotes should save as quote lines on projects
  • Generating an application from a sales order should create retentions in retention ledger if automatically set on the project
  • Fixed ‘Object not set’ error on deleting an unallocated application
  • Fixed ‘negative value error’ when Reversing valuation
  • Fixed ‘Tax goods value doesn’t equal net value’ error when posting valuation Invoice that contains a mix of positive and negative nominal lines

Date applied: February 8, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features Important
Important Info
  • Update Companies Required

New Features
  • Added ‘Apply Discount First’ setting to project construction settings tab

Issues Resolved
  • Amended routine to create retention lines if applicable for single nominal applications and then create master application posting in projects.
  • invoiced value on application ledger will now be less VAT
  • Opening balance valuations should use net value in invoiced total.
  • Error for retention on valuation going over project total retention on applications has been changed to a warning with option to continue

Date applied: January 21, 2022


Issues Resolved New Features Important
Important Info
  • Requires latest Projects and Common Components

New Features
  • Construct export option added
  • Added a messaging service to notify a retention invoice has been posted. Requires latest common components
  • Discounts will now be added on applications as a separate line in the nominals (Only if recognised on application)
  • Retentions and discounts can now be calculated on valuations on ‘populate outstanding’

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed progress dialog showing in front of submit CIS
  • Fixed ‘Value must be greater than zero’ error when trying to reverse a credit valuation
  • CITB should be recalculated on CIS Return if an invoice is part allocated to a payment
  • Labour, materials and other % values should calculate correctly CIS tab on PL transaction enquiry

Date applied: January 17, 2022


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed some issues found with currency and applications
  • Exchange rate issue causing reconciliation error when creating an application from a sales order

Date applied: December 24, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Restored method to save Project transaction on sales order line save
  • Exchange rate issue on amending an application causing retentions to post again incorrectly
  • Fix for error on adding a context menu item
  • Validation added to retention due dates on application imports

Date applied: December 20, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for PL Valuation not going to the same project header as the nominal line (or the main application transaction in Projects)

Date applied: December 10, 2021


Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed contract import dialogue not displaying correctly

Date applied: December 3, 2021


Issues Resolved Important
Important Info
  • Update companies required

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed ‘subquery returned more than 1 value’ error on applications screen
  • Over receipting a valuation will nolonger recalculate any reverse charge VAT. It will only do this if under receipted.
  • Fixed Error received about updating a nominal when creating an currency application from a currency Construction Sales Order that has a retention percentage set on the Project

Date applied: November 26, 2021


New Features Important
Important Info
  • Please make sure all versions of sicon modules are v21.1

New Features
  • Info buttons added on valuations to explain sums
  • New setting added to recognise P&L nominals on application rather than at invoice

Date applied: November 12, 2021