Issues Resolved Pre-release Important

Pre-Release Version: features are only available to customers using a pre-release version who have signed up to the Early Adopter Programme.

Important Info
  • Requires Common Components 210.3.14 or above

Issues Resolved
  • Changed all feature and role access to use the methods from the architectrue project (to cache roles and features on login)
  • Resolved an issue on the process invoice screen where the preview would not load if there was only one item in the list and switching between tabs
  • Resolved an issue on the index document form where closing the form without using the close button would leave a document in memory which could result in two documents added, or an error when the second document is indexed
  • Resolved an issue in document automation where it could write a message to the log saying invoices have been changed by another user when there is only one milisecond difference
  • Changed processing invoices in automatic mode to process them inside a transaction

Date applied: July 7, 2021