Issues Resolved Pre-release

Pre-Release Version: features are only available to customers using a pre-release version who have signed up to the Early Adopter Programme.

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed an issue with outlook integration where and error would be displayed if the send immediately option was enabled
  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade DB script where it was not allowing nulls on the ReceiveInvoiceImagesOnly setting on the supplier
  • Resolved an issue with the document count progress bar where it was not clearing the document type from the previous record searched which could result in no document count showing
  • Removed old Indexes from the SiconDMSDocumentAttribute Table
  • Removed old Indexes from the SiconDMSDocument Table
  • Created new Indexes for the SiconDMSDocumentAttribute Table
  • Created new Indexes for the SiconDMSDocument Table
  • Changed the Base Order Return List form to check for items present using the datasource rather than the list item count

Date applied: August 6, 2021