Issues Resolved Pre-release Hot Fix Enhancements Important

Pre-Release Version: features are only available to customers using a pre-release version who have signed up to the Early Adopter Programme.

Important Info
  • Rolled back changes to document count progress bar removal

Issues Resolved
  • Renamed all possible occurrences of Job Number to Project number on the process invoices screen
  • Resolved an issue on the CRM task maintenance screen script where the edit button could be hidden by the add/view documents buttons
  • Resolved an issue on the view invoices screen where it was not loading the document counts due to sage not returning the order id
  • Resolved an issue on sales ledger transaction enquiry where it was using an incorrect reference
  • Changed the record PO invoice screen to check the documents setting to require a GRN as well as the sage setting for matching to orders only
  • Fixed an issue on the generic traceable items form where an error would be displayed when the document count column is not added
  • Resolved an issue in document automation where it would report a GRN status of ‘None’ rather than ‘Part’ if there was a mixture of fully received items, and 0 received items on the order
  • Fixed an issue in the generic traceable items form where an error would be displayed when refreshing the grid datasource for a user with no view permission
  • invoices from sales orders and purchase orders are now included in the counts on Sales and Purchase enquiries
  • Resolved an issue on the settings screen where a validation message would appear on save if there were ‘,’ symbols in the number
  • Changed document automation sign up to default forward deviation options and respond to sender by default
  • Scripted the print invoices and credit notes form in the invoicing module to have the document distribution buttons
  • Resolved an issue on the goods received batch serial screen where an error would be displayed if the user did not have view documents permission
  • Resolved an issue checking for variance when the process gross value as goods amount setting is enabled where variance on vat between a PO with no vat and an invoice with vat would result in a variance line for the VAT amount
  • Resolved an issue with GRN Validation Status not being saved when loading existing document automation invoices
  • Resolved an error in document automation that would occur when processing jobs in automatic mode.
  • Changed nominal validation to not validate supplier nominal if a job is selected

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added a new setting to re-validate all invoices each time they are loaded
  • Added a new setting to determine whether PDF files are rendered with Direct X or not (otherwise rendered with GDI+)

Date applied: April 22, 2021