Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Resolved an issue where the query invoice button at the bottom of the process invoice screen would apply to the selected invoice and not the ticked invoices
  • Added extra validation to the invoice entry screen to do a double check on begin save to check the invoice has not been processed by another user
  • Resolved an issue when proecssing POP Invoices in Automatic mode where the batch would be left in the batch transaction manager
  • When loading invoices, only invoices at export stage will be loaded from the database

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the invoice ID and supplier name to the query invoice form
  • Added a new user setting to remember whether the auto reload tick box should be ticked
  • Added an option to the process invoice screen to right click an invoice and edit the purchase order

Date applied: July 12, 2021