Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed an issue in Sage 2011 on the record purchase invoice screen where an error would be displayed for every invoice entered after the first. This is due to the end save event not working in Sage 2011
  • Fixed an issue on the BaseIndexEntryScript where it was instantiating the index document form more than once without disposing of previous instances (Sage 2011 issue)
  • Created an index on the PLPostedSupplierTrans table to search for transactions with no document
  • Created an index on the SiconDMSDocument table to filter out SiconDMSDocumentTypeEntity deleted records
  • Created additional indexes on other tables where they were missing
  • Added additional handling on the base no documents form to handle Sage timeout exceptions
  • Added some code to the end of the scan routine to bring the windows to the front if the scan was successful
  • Added Indexes on the SiconDMSDocumentRoles table

Date applied: May 9, 2019