Issues Resolved New Features Hot Fix Enhancements
New Features
  • Added a tool to split a multi page pdf to single page pdfs
  • Added a tools button to the index document form to access tools
  • Added a DMS Web Api Module for use in an external search app
  • Scripted the Construction Post Supplier Valuations and Post Customer Valuations screens
  • Associated the Construction Valuation Document Type with the PL and SL Invoice and Credit Note Entities
  • When Customer / Supplier applications are posted the document will be copied across to the associated invoice or credit
  • DMS will now call common components to add the disputed invoices tab to PL transaction enquiry
  • DMS will now call Common Components to add additional filters to the Disputes Invoice and Credits form
  • Scripted the record purchase invoice and record purchase credit screens to be able to add a document during entering a dispute comment
  • Scripted the Disputed invoice and credits screens to add and view document types
  • Scripted the Purchase Ledger Transaction Enquiry screen to allow adding and viewing documents to disputed invoices and credits
  • Scripted the Disputed Invoices and Credits screen to re-index the document added to the disputed invoice against the posted invoice
  • Added the ability to add documents on the PL Transactions with no documents screen
  • Added the ability to add documents on the POP Transactions with no documents screen
  • Added the ability to add documents on the POP Receipts with no documents screen
  • Changed the default sort order of the Nominal Transaction Enquiry list to be by date descending rather than ascending
  • Changed the way drag and drop works from outlook. It no longer uses any references to outlook itself and instead works over the IDataObject Interface
  • Replaced the PDF4Net PDF Viewer with the DevExpress PDF Viewer for Sage 200 2015 and above
  • Added a new setting to determine whether Document count columns appear in nominal enquiry
  • Added support for Wia Driver scanning

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed an issue with the view documents button context menu where an error could be displayed if multiple view documents buttons were present on a form
  • Fixed a spelling issue with the word their on the settings page
  • DMS Web users will now count towards the total view users
  • Fixed an issue with the base trader opening balance form where an object reference not set error would occur when adding a document before the invoice was saved
  • Resolved an issue with the add documents button where showing a context menu on a form with multiple add documents buttons could show an error if the button was not visible
  • Resolved an issue with the Amend job Script where an error would be displayed when saving the document
  • Fixed an issue in the database upgrade routing where Construction Valuations were not being associated with Sales Credits
  • Fixed an issue in the FileAccessFactory where filenames would be indexed without an extension if the filename contained a ‘#’
  • Fixed an issue when dragging and dropping email attachments from outlook where an error would be displayed if the email subject or attachment contained a ‘#’
  • Fixed an isuse in the Job Costing Transaction documents view where POPINV type transactions were not being included.
  • Fixed all instances of incorrect spelling in Document Type and Template Names: Correspondance -> Correspondence
  • Fixed an error that would occur on the transactions with no documents screen if the screen was left open in the background when a document had been added elsewhere in Sage
  • Fixed an issue in the base trading settlement form where an index out of range exception could occur when checking whether the current invoice / credit has nominals
  • Fixed an error that could occur when committing sales or purchase batch transactions after a document by a user that does not have reindex document permissions
  • Added additional error handling to the document count progress bar to handle the datasource being disposed
  • Resolved an issue on the Rapid Purchase Invoice Screen where an error would occur after the first document had been added and then a subsequent document was added
  • Added handing for Raster Exceptions when loading the scan sources
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Add / View document buttons where they would be enabled / disabled based on other add / view document buttons on the forms
  • Fixed an issue with querying capabilities for Twain where it fail if any capability could not be accessed
  • Fixed an issue with Twain Scanning where it would fail if the resolution could not be set

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Improved the number of SQL lookups when opening a sage screen that supports indexing
  • Improved the number of SQL queries after a document has been indexed and a new document is reloaded

Date applied: March 1, 2019