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Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix to correctly sync the stock item weight when loading stock item settings with the Distribution weight field. Issue where a stock item would have a weight but the Distribution tab would not have a weight and this would then overwrite the stock items weight incorrectly, for example it would reset the stock item weight back to 0
  • Fix when deleting a sales or purchase contract line on a new sale or purchase contract and it would pull contract lines from other contracts through incorrectly
  • Corrected the desktop list form text so it no longer states ‘KitTemplatesList’ when opened in a new window
  • Fix when receiving a container to use the ‘Quantity For Container’ field to calculate the ‘Outstanding Quantity’ that needs to be received in for that container. Issue where a purchase order line would be increased however the quantity for the container is not increased and it would incorrectly show the increased value to be received for that container
  • Fix to remove the time when viewing the container list on the columns ‘Requested Delivery Date’ and ‘Actual Delivery Date’
  • Fix when duplicating a stock item and the ‘Name’ field was not up to date. [“To save the item you must enter a name”]
  • Fix to make sure we have the ‘Weight’ control on a stock item before we attempt to update it [“Object Reference Error”]

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Added the ability to increase the quantity for the container when increasing a purchase order lines quantity when it is associated to a container line

Date applied: March 27, 2024