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Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • Added a new form after the ‘Import Landed Costs’ routine has run to allow the user to update current live purchase orders that have not yet been received
  • Added a new column to the ‘Manage SOP Back Orders’ screen to display the ‘Quantity On WO’ if Sicon Manufacturing is installed

Issues Resolved
  • Fix when using the POP copy and paste feature after adding the lines and then the user would cancel out of the order [“Unable to update the object (Sage.Accounting.POP.POPStandardItemLine, X), as the object has been deleted”]
  • Fix when loading container tracking dates and the ‘Actual’ date would get overwritten and appear to not load
  • Added a check when loading a stock item on the ‘Landed Costs’ tab to check the ‘Use Sicon Landed Costs’ setting before adding the Sicon Landed Costs grid
  • Fix Amend Stock Allocations ‘Object reference is not set …’ error if the Amend Batch/Serial button is pressed when no stock is allocated
  • Fix to correctly update the Sicon Stock Reserve Line ‘Free Stock’ value when ‘Unallocating’ or ‘Allocating’ a reserve line

Date applied: November 18, 2023