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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for using Sicon Stock Reserves on Sales Orders when the quantities get fulfilled from multiple bins [“the quantity entered is greater than the free stock at the location”]
  • Fix for stock inspections with preallocations and when an item is received with a preallocation that requires inspection, if that item fails then the sales order is allocated to the failed warehouse which might not be ticked to be used for trading and stock will then be stuck
  • Fix to only update the ‘Unit Buying Price’ if supplier quantity breaks have been used… Issue where unit of measure changes were not updating the price
  • Fix when creating warehouse replenishment group without highlighting a group before adding a warehouse [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix when using the “Distribution” button on ‘Manage SOP Back Orders screen and no screens would load when on the ‘Unallocate’ tab

Date applied: April 21, 2022