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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Fix when saving the price of a sales contract line and it was rounding it up after 2dp, this will now go to 5dp
  • Fix when adding a new reserve line [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix when using sales contracts to make sure the user has permission to change sales order prices
  • Fix to not display contract lines that do not have a balance when it comes to selecting a contract line
  • Fix to disable the header fields when amending a sales or purchase contract
  • Fixed issue when maintaining purchase order delivery addresses [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Landed cost fixes… Issues with the landed cost tab not repopulating when amending a purchase order
    Issue on the purchase order line where the landed cost value would remain as 0
  • Fix to check the correct SOP user permission when on the telesales screen to allow the user to override the price on a line
  • Fix to filter out inactive stock items on the “Calculate Min Stock” screen
  • Fix to make sure the stock item is selected when removing a line from a SOP and the user comes to enter a lost order reason. Occasionally the stock item wouldn’t be populated and then the user would not be able to save the lost order
  • Fix for Sicon Stock Reserves to allow then to be returned to the originating reserve when deleted from a sales order
  • Fix to correctly update the purchase order status when it gets confirmed without any tracking
  • Fix when using Sicon SOP Fulfilment methods to correctly populate the fulfilment method box on a SOP line when a stock item is selected using the stock item fulfilment method
  • Fix to store the correct purchase order number when create preallocations off the back of back to back orders

Date applied: August 16, 2021