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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Added a new export routine for the supplier KPI screen
  • Fix to load the Distribution tab on a suppliers account
  • Fix to recalculate landed cost values when making changes to any line on the purchase order
  • Fix to add POP header buttons to a new Sicon button panel just below the grid
  • Fix added an export routine for the sales forecasting screens
  • Fix to not allow tracking to be confirmed if there is a problem at that stage or a stage previous to that one that is not resolved
  • Fix updated the POP expected deliveries screen, loading data improvements
  • Fix to correctly get the number of months between two dates. Issue with min stock where it wasn’t displaying the correct values as it wasn’t dividing by the correct number of months
  • Fix to set the actual total for landed costs when they haven’t been set, Issue when the user would amend the actual total close and reopen the screen and it would overwrite this value
  • Fix to display the outstanding preallocated quantity on the sales order header grid in the “Preallocated” column
  • Fix when displaying the quantity on the “Values” tab of the container manager screen to use the “Quantity for container” field rather than the purchase order line quantity field
  • Fix changed the event that fires for the “Undespatched Sales Orders” form to be displayed when selecting a customer… This wasn’t beig displayed when entering a new sales order from the customer desktop list
  • Telesales fixes with strange highlighting
  • Fix to check the “Advanced” enable string so the relevant stock matrix tables get updated when converting a proforma to a sales order
  • Fix improvements when filtering by supplier on the ‘Calculate Min Stock’ screen
  • Fix for nothing being displayed on the Analysis codes tabs on a sales order
  • Fix for Distribution contracts when increasing contract quantities, also fixed the issue when the user wouldn’t change anything on the line and it would display the contract message
  • Fix when posting landed costs that are across multiple warehouses
  • Fix when posting landed costs with different currencies
  • Fix on “POP Expected Delivery” screen when the user removes the order quantity [“Input string was not in the correct format”]

Date applied: June 18, 2021