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New Features
  • Landed Costs Template–These can be created and used as an alternative to the Supplier Landed Costs settings. In the PO header there is a new field where a template can be selected.
  • Container History–This allows for the tracking of changes to the container.

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Where Sicon MRP is installed, when creating a Suggested PO that is linked to a Supplier Contract, the user can reduce down the contract quantity.
  • The ‘Save, Allocate and Despatch’ button is now enabled within the Distribution settings.
  • Manage SOP Back Orders–Sales Order Analysis codes are now available on the Unallocate screen and can be used to filter the SO’s.
  • Import Containers–Container details can be imported via a .csv file.
  • Commodity Codes, Country of Origin and Weights can now be added when creating Stock Matrix codes.

Date applied: May 4, 2021