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Issues Resolved Hot Fix Enhancements
Issues Resolved
  • Fix for “Stock replenishment” screen creating duplicate stock transfers and to also correctly set the transfer values when there is multiple warehouses being transferred to for the same stock item
  • Fix to correctly validate preallocation quantities with UOM
  • Fix to allow the purchase order line list to display lines where the item name/description is longer than 64 characters long
  • Fix to correctly save the “Enable Supplier Minimum Orders” setting
  • Fix when amending SOP quotations without the “Add Historical Lines” button enabled [“Object Reference Error”]
  • Fix to display the supplier part numbers when on a purchase order
  • Fix when amending a SOP quotation and the totals box would not be placed in the correct position [REQUIRES COMMON COMPONENTS v201.0.20]
  • Fix to display the “Check Containers” button on the suggested purchase order tab in MRP
  • Fix to set the “Import Distribution Stock Settings” feature to be under utilities so all sub modules can use it
  • Fix for base forms to not cause the screen to freeze if the modules are not enabled
  • Fix on the “View Stock Balances” screen to only display “View Previous Sales Orders” button in context menu for the distribution button if the user has SOP management sub module enabled

Hot Fix Enhancements
  • Fix for purchase contract to integrate with MRP when purchase orders are created, users can now select purchase contracts to associate these with [REQUIRES COMMON COMPONENTS V201.0.20 AND MANUFACTURING V201.0.13]
  • Added the maintenance screen for supplier quantity breaks to the distribution menu

Date applied: January 19, 2021