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Issues Resolved New Features
New Features
  • New view added to application ledger to show nominal links if populated from outstanding application nominals.
  • Currency Lookup added to Application Ledgers to calculate postings in the currency selected. (will change currency on the project)

Issues Resolved
  • Maintain Exchange rates will now correctly post nominal adjustments for application, Valuation and Retentions
  • Database upgrade routine added to populate application nominal type as ‘Gross’ is they are null because of older versions.
  • Restriction to posting valuation invoices when not fully allocated has been removed when Recognising on Application.
  • Fixed ‘Out of memory’ exception on generating applications from sales orders with large amount of lines
  • Fixed some rounding issues on populate outstanding using retentions. Any Rounding differences will be added as a separate line to balance.

Date applied: March 20, 2023