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Issues Resolved
Issues Resolved
  • Reversing a valuation with reverse charge should not remove the reverse charge on payment/Receipt again.
  • Fix for net valuation adding 1p to gross valuation (disabled the net valuation box)
  • Fix for Construction Sales Orders completing on save
  • Issue with creating applications from foreign currency project with default retention
  • Fix for Issue with posting Application Invoice when it’s for multiple valuations and with split nominal
  • Allow completed lines to show on generate sales applications from sales orders. Then allow negative values to be applied to reduce the applied for amounts.
  • Allow negatives on Populate outstanding application nominals on a valuation
  • Fix for construction transaction not appearing on project enquiry after rebalance project totals (the fix also needs Projects 210.0.21)
  • Added Project description to the construction sales order desktop list
  • Fixed validation of project header on a sales order line if the header is already selected from previous line entered.
  • Prevent users from deleting nominals if they are used in Construction settings

Date applied: November 10, 2021